Top 5 Best-Looking Open-World Games

Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but some video games are too gorgeous not to win the hearts of all gamers. Whether they take players to whimsical fantasy settings or capture the unsettling beauty of a futuristic cityscape, many open-world titles weave a stunning tapestry that players can explore at length. So, here come five open-world games to play for a gorgeous virtual trip.

Cyberpunk 2077

Night City isn’t conventionally beautiful. With its piles of garbage on every sidewalk and overall filth, this decadent capitalistic dystopia looks pretty rough around the edges. Rampant violence in its gang-infested streets wouldn’t make anyone want to pack their bags to move in that Blade Runner-esque city, either.

But there is something about Cyberpunk’s sprawling metropolis that grows on players without fail. If flawed, the game’s decaying sci-fi world is no less mesmerizing. Its sense of depth and verticality, combined with the sheer diversity of its every district, makes exploration all the more rewarding as every nook and cranny feels alive. No longer buggy and undercooked, Cyberpunk 2077 is truly one gem worth rediscovering.

Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom was one of the much-awaited games ever released. And the front-runner for Game of the Year 2023 sure lived up to the hype. Despite embracing a similar creative vision, in a deliberate break from hyper-realism, the latest chapter in the Zelda saga improved on its predecessor by almost every metric.

Whereas the open world of Breath of World felt lifeless to many players, the kingdom of Hyrule feels livelier than ever in its sequel. NPCs are much more evolved, with dialogue options adapting to the current in-game situation. The world of Hyrule is even split into several places, including an underworld realm and a sky region. In light of the technical limitations of the Nintendo Switch, the surreal beauty of Tears of the Kingdom is nothing short of miraculous.

Elden Ring

There is an air of mystery about the world of Elden Ring that rules out any open-world fatigue. Every area is jaw-dropping enough to make players want to stop taking down monstrous creatures and soak up the sights. From ancient floating cities to mystical altars bathed in moonlight, everywhere you look seems like a downright painting.

The sheer beauty of the environment beckons exploration, as this action RPG takes a different approach to its linear soulslike counterparts, offering an almost infinite amount of breathtaking detours. Considering Elden Ring was crowned one of the hardest games of the century, simply wandering through the map is quite fitting to take a break from painstakingly difficult boss fights.

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima understands like few other open-world games that the journey matters more than the destination. As such, the beauty of this samurai tale lies in its clever mixture of stillness and gripping action. Players can take a breather from the brutality of war to admire the splendor of nature instead, crafting a poem as they gape at the flower petals cascading all around or the breeze gently blowing in the trees.

Developers even made a conscious effort to ensure that foliage would react to the wind. Each frame being a cinematic masterpiece, it is easy to lose track of time as you navigate the mind-blowingly beautiful island of Tsushima.

Red Dead Redemption II

Half a decade after its release, Red Dead Redemption II looks as crisp as ever. Many recent triple-A blockbusters struggle to replicate the attention to detail that went into its Western-themed world. The game perfectly captures the wild-spirited beauty of the American Frontier, from spectacular wilderness teeming with predatory animals to lively bars where fights may always break after one bottle of whiskey too many.

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The titles above arguably raised the bar for all open-world games. Other visually stunning classics also deserve a mention, from Death Stranding to Horizon Forbidden West and Shadow of the Colossus.

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