Top 4 Best Games of 2021

MMORPG Dark Genesis

  • Play strategy in formidable battles;
  • Summon brave and mighty heroes;
  • Save the wonders of the world from darkness;
  • Collect a squad of heroes of 6 elements

Dark Genesis is a dynamic MMORPG in the style of the myths of the peoples of the world. Only you can stop the bloody war, revive the former glory of the celestials and solve the mysteries of the dark genesis! Build a mighty citadel on a floating island, gather a party of demigods, and save the world from destruction!

Naval MMO World of Warships

  • A huge fleet of warships;
  • The beauty of the sea;
  • Training and knowledge base;
  • Real sea battles.

Massively multiplayer online game, naval battles simulator. Team players have the opportunity to participate in battles on behalf of the ship’s commander. The game features over 200 ships of the naval forces of large countries. Players have access to four types of ships: destroyers, cruisers, battleships, and aircraft carriers. Each of them has the ability to upgrade, if the ship is pumped as much as possible in all parameters, then it becomes elite, and the next ship opens. Definitely, this game is worth freeing up time using site and diving into this fascinating world.

Pros of the game

  • Excellent graphics;
  • Beautiful musical accompaniment;
  • A large number of warships;
  • Optimization.

The Official Naruto Online Game

Spectacular battles, massive PVP, a big world, and much more await you. Become a legendary Hokage!

  • Titles. Fight for leadership and take part in in-game events;
  • PVP. Win the arena and take first place in the cross-server ratings;
  • Guilds. Create your guild and make new friends.

Naruto Online- Remember how it all began! Naruto Online will help you relive the events of a history that has become a global phenomenon and immerse yourself in the thrilling adventures of a shinobi along with the characters of the anime and manga Naruto. Spectacular battles, massive battles of players, dozens of ninjas, a large bright world, and much more await you.

Forge of Empires World Strategy

  • A classic example of a great online strategy game;
  • Thoughtful economy;
  • Quality strategy;
  • All development eras;
  • Millions of players.

Decent browser strategy that has been designed with the usual shortcomings of these types of games in mind. The game goes through all stages of human evolution, from the ancient times of cavemen to industrialization and globalization. Here you need to build cities and empires and develop science, train soldiers, create new types of weapons, conduct military or economic campaigns.

Pros of the game

  1. The most progressive and best browser game;
  2. To play, you just need to register on the site;
  3. A large number of unique chips;
  4. You can live without donation;
  5. Convenient quest system for beginners.

The game is built so that the player does not waste time waiting for tasks to be completed. For example, while the settlement is being built, you can fight with your neighbors or rob your more successful neighbors.

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