The Ultimate Guide to Successful CSGO Gambling

Counter-Strike Global Offensive, commonly known as CSGO, has remained unopposed for quite some time now. Regardless of the uncertainties, difficulties, and changes in technology, the game has kept abreast with the adjustment. Besides being a fun game to play, it is a more entertaining gambling opportunity for CSGO lovers. Let’s delve further into CSGO gambling.

Popular Types of CSGO Gambling

CSGO first came to light in August 2012 as a video game. It was well received and has quickly scaled the levels of proficiency. Today, CSGO gambling has many markets with attractive odds to ensure that you can maximize your wager. Here are some popular types of CSGO gambling.

1. Knife Round Winner

All the CSGO matches begin with the knife rounds. Commonly known as round zero, this round never counts the end score. It usually determines the team’s ability to select the side they want to play on first. They involve tactics, peek placements, aggression, and trades. You can bet on the knife round winner. Besides being fun and exciting, the knife round winner bet is almost immediate (you know if you lose or win within seconds).

2. Total Rounds Over/Under

Have you watched a highly competitive CSGO matchup? Well, it is usually entertaining and thrilling to watch the opponents score in the rounds. To spice up the experience, you can wager on the total rounds over/under. Here, you will get a rough estimate of the whole number of rounds, and your role is to determine whether the outcome will be over/under the particular number. For experienced CSGO gamblers, this is a highly profitable bet.

3. First to 5 Rounds

This gambling option requires you to predict the team that will be first to five rounds. While it sounds like the easiest and simplest wagers, it can be tough to hack due to the pistol rounds. If a team loses in the pistol round, it will have one or two rounds without purchasing any guns.

4. First Kill

You can also bet on the team that makes the first kill. While all kills are essential in CSGO, the first one matters a lot. Since CSGO involves two able and strong teams, betting on the first kill can be tricky and risky. If you are convinced that a particular sharpshooter can make a kill, why not go for it?

5. 1st Pistol and 2nd Pistol Round Winner

CSGO is a highly competitive game. As such, matches can go up to thirty rounds, with the halftime coming in at round fifteen. The teams will change their positions at halftime (from terrorists to counter-terrorists and the other way round).

The first pistol round is before halftime, while the second pistol round is after halftime. You should determine the team that can win the first or second pistol round winner. While it’s a highly profitable bet, it may attract a high odd too.

The Best Sites for CSGO Gambling

In the recent past, CSGO has stood out as a competitive gambling sector. Hundreds of thousands play the game while millions bet on the outcomes. As it grows in popularity, many sites have cropped up (some legitimate and some illegitimate). This section covers the legit top CSGO gambling sites across the globe that you can trust.

1. CSGO Empire

Famous for CSGO Coinflip and roulette, CSGO Empire was launched in 2016 and has been reputably performing. Since its inception, it has had over $2Bn waged on CSGO, making it a popular option globally. All its games promote fairness and transparency through an RNG (Random Number Generation) system.

2. WTFSkins

WTFSkins is the best site for CSGO jackpots. The WTFSkins site is highly reputable and serves CSGO lovers with popular variations such as CSGO DOTA II and CSGO skins. Besides the wide range of CSGO gambling variations, the site also offers an exciting withdrawal option where users can trade their items. Sign up today and enjoy a user-friendly interface.

3. CSGOFast

Are you looking for lots of CSGO games to gamble? Well, CSGOFast is the best site for game variety. With over 12 games on site, gamblers get a chance to experience the CSGO thrill and excitement on their mobile and desktop devices. You can play roulette coin flip, crash, jackpots, and free skins on CSGOFast. Even better, gamblers can withdraw their winnings via Visa, WebMoney, Cryptocurrencies, Yandex, and Qiwi.

4. CSGORoll

CSGORoll is among the fairest and oldest CSGO gambling sites. Launched in 2015, the site offers four CSGO variations; roulette, crash, dice, and coinflip. It has a solid reputation with a provable fairness system that you can benefit from. It is a legit site for CSGO skin gambling.

5. Gamdom

Gamdom is an excellent site for CSGO match betting and crash. The coin-based site that allows you to bet on over five CSGO variations has grown in popularity over the last three years. Besides the exciting gameplay, the site also prides itself in many promotions and convenient payment options. You can use your credit cards and bitcoins to fund your account.


Finding a good CSGO gambling site does not have to be a hassle as there are many available in the market. You only have to be adequately informed, know what to look out for, and select one legitimate in your jurisdiction. The biggest hang is always finding the legitimate sites with the best returns.

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