The Procession To Calvary Pythonesque Point and Click Coming To Consoles

Indie publisher Digerati is delighted to confirm the console release dates for Pythonesque point-and-click adventure, The Procession To Calvary. The game will launch July 1st on Nintendo Switch, and July 2nd on Xbox One. A PS4 version will follow very shortly afterwards – an exact release date will be confirmed as soon as possible.

The Xbox One version will be available to pre-order with a 10% launch discount starting June 25th, and both Xbox and Switch versions will launch with a 10% discount for a limited time.

Created by UK-based solo developer Joe Richardson, The Procession To Calvary is an adventure game that evokes the surreal humour of Monty Python, and is crafted entirely from hundreds of Renaissance paintings, with works from renowned masters such as Rembrandt, Bosch, and Michelangelo painstakingly cut and pasted into a madcap montage of invigorating imagery.

In The Procession To Calvary, players embark on a quest as an unnamed heroine to hunt down the tyrant Heavenly Peter. A bizarre cast of characters, perplexing puzzles, and implausible scenarios ensures the journey is a thoroughly absurd escapade.

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