The Kore Gang Ships For Wii


Atari, one of the world’s most recognized publishers and producers of interactive entertainment today announced that The Kore Gang is now available exclusively for the Wii™ system at retailers nationwide. Developed by Pixonauts, The Kore Gang is an action platformer which brings to life the exploits of three intrepid adventurers: Pixie, an acrobatic thrill-seeker who craves excitement; the not-so-agile, MadBoy, who has a big heart and even bigger fists; and, their pal Rex, a tiny yet fast chihuahua with a very big bark.

The Kore Gang finds our heroes in Manhattan when the city is attacked by the evil subterranean Krank Brothers and their Krank Tank in a misguided bid for world domination. With the populace in jeopardy, it is up to Pixie, Madboy and Rex to save the city and ultimately the world. With the help of the amazing Kore Suit, robotic armor which greatly enhances the wearer’s natural abilities, developed by the ingenious, yet slightly demented, Dr. Samuelson, Pixie, Madboy and Rex set out on an adventure to confront the Kranks and end their reign of nastiness.

Developed exclusively for Wii, The Kore Gang provides players with a vast underground universe to explore filled with loads of action and puzzles, a humorous story with highly entertaining characters and combat as well as one of the most colorful and imaginative art styles to ever appear on the Wii. Each character in The Kore Gang provides the players with a distinct play experience and unique abilities – Pixie, excels at jumping and climbing, can utilize booster jets and can avoid danger with a well-timed dance!

Madboy, is all about brawn over brains and can spin and smash his way through countless enemies, he even has the ability to throw objects at his foes. Rex, while small, is smarter than your average canine and can also control the Kore Suit. He has the ability to move very quickly on all fours, can stun enemies with his barking and has the ability to locate hidden objects throughout the world.


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