The Force Goes Mobile

THQ Wireless Inc., a subsidiary of THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI), today announced that it has entered a multi-year agreement with Lucasfilm Ltd., which grants THQ Wireless the worldwide rights to develop and distribute a comprehensive offering of Star Wars branded content for mobile phones. With THQ Wireless¹ unique combination of game, personalization, information services and messaging expertise, the suite of products is expected to span almost every genre of wireless entertainment and include a wide range of content from the entire Star Wars saga, including the massively popular Star Wars Trilogy and Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith–the much-anticipated final installment of Star Wars.

"We look forward to working with THQ Wireless to offer fans around the world an immersive Star Wars mobile experience," said Casey Collins, Director of Domestic Licensing & Retail Marketing at Lucasfilm Ltd. "We’re happy to work with a pioneering Force in the wireless entertainment industry to create a great portfolio of wireless products for a global audience."

Fans worldwide can interact with and personalize their mobile phones with Star Wars-themed mobile games and ringtones such as the Imperial March, one of the most recognizable themes in movie history. In addition, THQ Wireless is expected to offer video clips, screensavers and wallpapers featuring famous characters and images from the Star Wars saga. Now the Force can be with you literally everywhere.

"Our primary focus is to create a quality Star Wars experience for a fan base that is unlike any other," said Tim Walsh, president of THQ Wireless. "I remember seeing my first Star Wars movie in the theatre and it¹s amazing how today, anyone can have access to their favorite characters or movie moments through their mobile phone anytime and anywhere."

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