The Eternal Cylinder Survival Adventure Rolls Out

Good Shepherd Entertainment and indie developer ACE Team’s unique survival adventure game The Eternal Cylinder rolls into beta today on PC exclusively via the Epic Games Store. Running now until March 25, the beta features the game’s first chapter in its entirety and is available to anyone who signs up for an Epic Games store access key at

The Eternal Cylinder puts you in control of a herd of adorable creatures on a surreal alien world where all life must contend with the threat of… the Cylinder, a gargantuan rolling structure of ancient origin which crushes everything in its path! In this massive alien world with real-time environmental destruction, you’ll discover exotic landscapes, deadly predators, and dynamic exploration puzzles and challenges.

Your creatures start at the bottom of the food chain but can evolve with dozens of adaptive senses and abilities to overcome obstacles and escape danger. These mutations stack, allowing for a variety of emergent skill combos, creature designs and gameplay choices.

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