The Best Vintage 80s-themed Games to Play in 2022

The 1980s was a special time, as anyone who lived through it will tell you. The 1980s were all about big personalities, big music, and even bigger hair. It was a decade that revolutionized everything from movies to cars.

Let’s take it back to the 1980s with a variety of themed games you can still play in 2022. Enjoy the unique style of the 80s with these great games.

Top six vintage 80s-themed games

Which games should you play set in the 1980s to really bring that nostalgia back? It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a high-powered computer, a handheld device, or even just your smartphone.

These are the games that represent a defining decade. While not necessarily made in the 1980s – these games help keep the nostalgia for that era alive.

1.     Knight Rider: The Game

Knight Rider was an iconic TV show about a dangerous world and a man who doesn’t exist. David Hasselhoff’s defining character was a staple of the decade before Baywatch.

Check out Knight Rider: The Game. Developed in the early 2000s, it’s just one of many attempts at keeping the legacy of this show alive.

If you’re not into tracking down villains yourself and just want a taste of Knight Rider, you can also check out the online casino version. These 80s themed slots are designed to harken back to a simpler time while maintaining the essence of what Knight Rider was.

The video game itself is available on PC or via an emulator and can easily be found online. So, if you’re ready to chase, explore and drive, Knight Rider is the 80s-themed game for you.

2.     Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto has offended and enchanted millions of people worldwide for years. Each incarnation of the game seeks to capture a snapshot in time while still delivering the gun-fighting, car-wrecking chaos fans of the series have come to expect. Word has it that Grand Theft Auto V will be even grander as Rockstar, once again, goes all out.

In a series that never takes itself too seriously, Vice City and its spin-off Vice City Stories were set in a version of Miami back in the mid-1980s.

Follow Tommy Vercetti as he seeks to gain revenge for a failed ambush, and please his boss back in Liberty City. You’ll be flying, driving and shooting hordes of enemies sent out to stop you in your tracks

Vice City was one of the most popular GTA titles, selling almost 20 million units, and it still deserves a playthrough, even in 2022. It was also the first GTA to feature a main character who could talk and displayed a real personality!

3.     Bionic Commando

Bionic Commando is one of the earliest franchises developed by Capcom. It’s a series that has experienced multiple revivals. Although it’s no longer the juggernaut it once was, the original version of Bionic Commando is still an authentic piece of gaming history.

The original title featured an absurd plot about the impacts of World War II never having truly ended.

This parallel universe where the 1980s is a nightmare has weapons of mass destruction littering the world and focuses on Nathan Spencer’s quest to remove them.

Despite the insane plotline, Bionic Commando is a part of gaming history due to how much it pushed the action and platform gaming sub-genres forward.

For a slice of history, why not grab a copy of Bionic Commando and return to how gaming used to be?

4.     Street Fighter

Anyone who ever walked into an arcade during the 1980s will have likely spent hours throwing quarters into one of these machines.

Street Fighter defined the fighting genre when it came out. Even though its graphics and gameplay features have aged, it still possesses a charm from a previous life. It is Capcom’s flagship series and has sold more than 47 million copies across the franchise.

Street Fighter is not just a simplified fighting game but one that features unique stories for each character. Every fighter design has been built with uniqueness in mind.

Whether you prefer Ryu or Ken, strap on your wristbands and relive one of the most iconic fighting games ever made.

There have been so many Street Fighter games that you can select the original or one of the sequels and enjoy largely the same experience.

5.     Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel

The point-and-click genre is something that has been largely confined to the past. The point-and-click genre enabled developers to make compelling games without worrying about the technological features limiting gameplay.

Although Space Quest and King’s Quest were by far the most popular games in this genre, Police Quest has developed a cult following.

What makes Police Quest so special is that it was designed by a retired police officer. It’s an excellent representation of what it’s like to be a police officer and stays true to the original source material. Its creativity was groundbreaking at the time – and it’s still played by a small yet loyal band of followers today.

The game itself was set between 1983 and 1987. It follows a police officer called Sonny Bonds as he hunts down a violent drug lord terrorizing the city, known as The Death Angel. It’s still a challenging title to beat, even today, so it’s well worth taking on the challenge over the course of an afternoon.

6.     Retro City Rampage

Video games came of age in the 1980s. Today’s video game industry is worth more than $300bn, and it’s expected to grow continuously.

Retro City Rampage is an attempt at bringing back video gaming’s earliest days. This 8-bit game embodies what it was to play a video game in the 1980s. It comes with a style of its own, as you drive, shoot and generally cause chaos around Retro City.

If Grand Theft Auto chaos is what gets you going, Retro City Rampage is an epic title to add to your weekend playing schedule.


The 1980s were a special time for everything. Video games, as well as other tech, experienced massive advancements, so it should not come as a surprise that many gamers still reflect on this decade fondly. Even today, vintage and vintage-inspired games remain available for you to play – many of them are even available for free. What’s your favorite game from or based on the 1980s?

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