The Best Titles For Browser-Based Gamers

There’s a lot to be said for PC gaming, especially if you can play in your browser
There’s a lot to be said for PC gaming, especially if you can play in your browser.

It’s nice to sit down for a proper gaming session on a games console once in a while, but sometimes a browser-based game that you can simply click onto and start playing is just the ticket. There is such a wide variety of these sorts of games that it would be impossible to cover all genres. However, we’ve selected some of the very best games out there, with no two from the same genre, so that you’re sure to find something to your liking.

A Dark Room

If you’re after a seriously pared-back gaming experience then A Dark Room might just be it. This browser game is definitely a divider of the people, with some not seeing the appeal at all and others finding it strangely fascinating. This game is entirely text-based and tells a story in Times New Roman on a plain white screen. It isn’t going to set the world on fire graphics-wise, but it tells a good story and will really suit strategic gamers. You’ll be told the effects of your actions as notes in the left column and before long, you’ll work out how to start growing your village. It’s a step-by-step game, that’s simple in appearance but deeply strategic in practice. Another benefit of this game is that it automatically saves your progress, so if you click off it and don’t click back on it for months, your village will still be there.

Rail Nation

Some people think that gamers are nerdy, but if there’s one thing nerdier than gamers, it’s railway gamers. Rail Nation is a browser-based game here to fulfil every train spotter’s dream, a railway simulation game featuring rare and historic trains that you can play totally free of charge online. You begin the game by helping a small town bring in the supplies that they need via rail. Once you’ve sufficiently boosted the small town, you can invest your profits wisely until eventually, you’re a rail tycoon. You can start up in more than fifty different cities both in America and Europe. Within your cities, you can choose the era of the railway that you’d like to work on, with historic eras offering stunning classic trains to collect. If you’re trying to impress your girlfriend then maybe bring up a different game, but otherwise, bring it on, toot toot!

Fire Joker

When it comes to quick-to-play games, the online casino industry is the master. Fire Joker is a classic slot game that will appeal to slots players who enjoy the style of a slot from times recently gone by. Video slots are certainly the norm now, but Fire Joker proves that they really don’t have to be. There are options for wildz spins like there are on more modern slots, but the theme tune, sound effects, and even the fruit on the reels all scream classic. If you’re looking for somewhere to play then ArabianBetting has curated a list of online casino reviews including their top choice Lucky Slots Casino, which features Fire Joker as one of its most popular slot games. They’re an impartial reviewer, so their opinions can be trusted. Not only that, they give information on which casinos are offering bonuses, so you can gain more play time for your money too.

Jade Goddess

Sometimes browser-based games can be a little lacking in depth, but Jade Goddess could not be further from that. On signing up for this game you’ll enter into a mysterious world inspired by the great Eastern myths. It is up to you as the Jade Goddess, to protect the Jade Dynasty from anyone who means to cause it harm. You’ll be battling against powerful enemies, so it’s essential that you make powerful friends to help you. As you progress through the levels you’ll be able to upgrade your armor and equipment to enable you to better protect the dynasty. Along the way, you’ll discover fascinating artifacts which might even imbue you with superpowers. This game is wonderfully multi-faceted, putting battling skills, levelling up, socializing, and storytelling on equal weights. Everything that you do in this game has a reaction, which is one of the things that makes it so endlessly playable.

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