The Best Slot Games Based on Video Games

When you log onto a casino site and head into the slots section of that site, the likelihood is that you will see hundreds of games available to play. The number of games has greatly improved and because of that, we have also seen several new themes brought in.

One slots theme we have seen for a long time is games based on video games. Many people enjoy casino gaming and also enjoy playing on video games, these titles are designed with those in mind.

If you enjoy playing video games and you either already play slots or you are looking to play slots for the first time, the choices you have are excellent. Casinos such as offer a wide range of gaming options, including some games based on video gaming.

Here are some of the best slot games based on video games.

Tomb Raider Slot Game

One of the biggest names in gaming without a doubt is Lara Croft, the lead character in the Tomb Raider series. For fans of the game, a slot based on the title is also available to play. For many years, Tomb Raider and Lara Croft have been spoken about by players and given a lot of pleasure to people. Now those who enjoy this series can take that with them to their slot gaming.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Slot

The Call of Duty series was right at the heart of the rise of online gaming against other people, and for that reason, this game will always go down as one of the most important ever released. Millions of people have played, and continue to play, Call of Duty in its various forms online. The biggest release was the Modern Warfare game, one that now has its own slot game for those who want to experience Call of Duty through slot gaming.

Resident Evil Slot Game

Another popular series that has been around for many years is the Resident Evil series. This game has had movies and TV shows created from it, and now we are seeing the title become a slot game too, to give fans something else to grip them. As like the other games on this list, playing Resident Evil as a slot game gives you the chance to play along with recognisable symbols on the game, helping fans understand and enjoy slot gaming.

Street Fighter Slot

The Street Fighter video game was a very popular fighting game many years ago, and still remains played to this day. One of the best features of this game was the ability to choose your own character and win with then, something that has made its way into the slot game. When playing the slot you can choose from some of the biggest characters, giving a great touch and something that will certainly appeal to fans of the series.

As you can see, many of the biggest video games now have slot games based on their play. While ever we continue to see a crossover between slot gaming and video gaming, this is something that will continue.

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