The 7 most underrated video games of recent times

What are the most underrated video games of recent times? Many ask this question. In recent years, there have been so many videogames launched on the market. Some have managed to cash in more than Hollywood movies, and the Italian blog “l’insider” made an interesting article about it.

On the other hand, some games have not had the same success. Here are the ones you need to rediscover if you want to play unmissable videogames!

The most underrated videogames: an incredible top 3

First, we must start with the most coveted positions. Of course, it is good to make a premise. The video games in the article are all to try, but those included in the “Top 3” are incredible masterpieces. No one understands why they went unnoticed and didn’t get the right awards.

In first place is The Outer Worlds. It is a game recently released, with captivating graphics and interesting gameplay. A sort of Space RPG that leaves the player different choices and an “open” narrative. Not a “triple-A” but definitely a fun, exciting, and always varied video game. Not many know it, but it is worth trying it, especially for those who love the Fallout saga.

In second place is Spec Ops: The Line. A violent and frenetic FPS, with exciting gameplay. Also, unlike many other shooters, the plot of this game is exciting and not at all trivial. The final twist is perhaps one of the best in the history of videogames, worthy of GTA V.

Third place for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The watchword for this game is only one: freedom. There are numerous quests and they can often be completed in random order. Besides, you can also decide the approach to carry out a mission, which can be stealth or violent combat. It’s amazing for those who love videogames!

Other underrated videogames

There are other names on the list of the best 7 underrated videogames of recent times. Those who adore the saga of Assassin’s Creed must try the game Thief. Parkour and stealth are two basic techniques of this game.

A good science fiction FPS left in the shadows is Metro Redux. A fantastic adventure set in a post-apocalyptic Moscow, able to mix elements horror and action. Another underrated videogame to play is Alien: Isolation. This chapter belongs to the sci-fi franchise Alien and is scary survival horror. The enemy AI is random and to avoid the main enemy you have to have luck, as when playing at the online casino.

Finally, this list also includes Prey. Once again the setting is horror/sci-fi, but even in this case, it is worth trying it. The atmosphere is reminiscent of great masterpieces such as Bioshock and Resident Evil. The ideal game to shiver and be amazed thanks to an exceptional story.

These were the 7 underrated games of recent times. If you want some advice, playing them is the best thing to do, because it will make you discover gaming pearls. Grab the joypad or keyboard and experience magnificent adventures!

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