Summary of the World’s Day Tourney: Europe and China Go Undefeated

The second day of the group stage of the Worlds 2022 main event is a thing of the past. Last night we witnessed many surprising results where formations from Europe played a major role. All three teams were successful and were able to enjoy their full points. Similarly, good moods certainly accompany the representatives of China because they repeated the result of the representatives of the Old Continent.

First, the show of the LEC teams. Rogue and DRX players were the first to hit the battlefield on the second day of the Worlds group stage. There is no secret that the favorite in the list was the team from Korea. Despite playing from an underdog position, the Rogues had a close battle with their opponents for a long time, and at one point even managed to gain an advantage. They cared for it carefully, though it was not without a few mistakes. Nevertheless, it was Adrian “Trymbi” Trybus and his companions who managed to cope with the challenge and managed to bring the meeting to a happy end. Immediately after this match, players from Evil Geniuses and G2 Esports entered the game. Potentially, one of the most interesting duels of the day ended with a definite victory for Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski’s team. EG had nothing to say about this battle, having received quite a lesson.

The biggest surprise, however, was given to us by Fnatic players. Those who faced T1, as expected, were doomed to failure. Hardly anyone would take into account the possible victory of the third strength of Europe with the runners-up of the League of Legends Champions Korea. As it turned out, however, the impossible became possible, in a surprisingly easy style. FNC imposed the pace of the game from the very beginning. Thanks to Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok’s formation in the black and orange game, they were able to implement their plan and develop their advantage minute by minute. As a result, the Koreans had to recognize the superiority of their rivals already in the 29th minute.

League of Legends

Then the LPL teams took over. After the exciting show of the teams from the LoL European Championship, the time has come for five minutes for the representatives of the Land of the Rising Sun. The three-point race started with Edward Gaming’s match against Cloud9. Park “Viper” Do-hyeon and co had the perfect opportunity to recover from their defeat to T1. And they did use it properly. C9 had no chance of creating any threat. EDG probably took the first victory for itself, throwing Clouds into the box marked 0-2. Even easier triumph was achieved by Top Esports in the match against GAM Esports. It is true that no one expected a different result here, but how convincing the win was, deserves a mention.

The icing on the cake, however, was the last meeting scheduled for that day, in which the swords were crossed by DWG KIA and JD Gaming. Before the start of the battle, it was impossible to clearly indicate the favorite of this skirmish. It was no different after the appearance of players on the Fields of Justice. By the thirtieth minute the fight was extremely even and it was only during the fight for the Hextech Dragon Soul, which was supposed to be on the DK account, that JDG found an opportunity to take the lead. After the successful exchange, the Korean collective completely broke down, and the LPL masters completed the destruction in the 36th minute.

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