STARL Metaverse Upgrading to Unreal 5 Engine

The STARL Metaverse team is excited to announce that STARL Metaverse, including Warp Nexus, will be upgrading to Unreal Engine 5 for the one-year birthday event on July 1st, 2022. Warp Nexus will be the first blockchain game to implement UE5. As part of the celebration, STARL players will have access to the first Warp Nexus space station to discover and learn more about the new galactic species. These are the beings that players will share the universe with as they explore Warp Nexus.

Warp Nexus continues to evolve the space station and combat simulations. “Our goal is to build an environment which fosters discovery. The vastness of space is not just a battlefield, it is a frontier. We want that reflected for players. The station gives them a place to learn and read up on what they may encounter.” Scott Brown, Lead Designer.

STARL’s metaverse hosts wild concerts with thousands of fans. It also brings solitude and mindfulness to the virtual space. Meditation is an excellent and proven method to reduce stress and take some downtime, with the metaverse being an ideal location to escape for some peace and quiet. STARL will also be adding in a meditation room for players to discover on their journey through space.

STARL wants everyone to get the chance at some birthday presents, so they are teaming up with Secret Lab, Starbucks, Xidax, Adidas, Amoeba Music and Bar & Garden to bring the community contests, giveaways, and special offers on July 1st. As always STARL loves a party – even if it’s for themselves – and no party would be complete without an exclusive 3 hour DJ set in the STARL Arena. Dance around in the metaverse, and your living room, alongside people from all over the world in a dazzling concert hall with spectacular lights and stunning visuals.

The early access version of the STARL Metaverse is now available and free for download from the official site.

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2 thoughts on “STARL Metaverse Upgrading to Unreal 5 Engine”

  1. When I first came across the concept of the “metaverse”, I was excited and it gave me a glimpse of what the future could look like. Sometimes I think that maybe we are living in a “metaverse” created by a higher-dimensional civilization, but it’s so real that we don’t realize we’re in it. And when I met Starl, I was excited again. The blueprint drawn by Starl conformed to all my imagination of the metaverse. I was fortunate to have such a group of people working hard to create such a metaverse. I watched it come true step by step.I’ve been looking forward, looking forward to Starl taking us into a whole new world.

  2. This is a unique innovation, it’s amazing, it’s a huge surprise, and as a proud investor, it has never let me down, and I will continue to watch her grow up

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