Split Reason Shirts Added To Prize Pool

In an effort to keep the coolest prizes coming out for GiN’s readers, some of the top gamer-related shirts have been added to the weekly prize pool.

The Body By Nintendo Wii shirts are soft grey cotton suitable for lounging around on the couch with friends or taking to the real gym.

The Gamers Vs. Non-Gamers Pac Man shirt proves once and for all that gamers will overcome, and we don’t even need power pills to do it.

Gameindustry.com gives away a prize every single week to one of our lucky free subscribers to the e-newsletter. Signing up for the newsletter is completely free and when you win, you can choose ANY PRIZE on the list for the week you win. So get cracking and win some cool stuff.

"We really do scour the world to find the coolest prizes that our readers will love," said Nate Wooley, publisher of Gameindustry.com. "For years Split Reason has established itself as the place to go for funny, game and gamer-culture related apparel. We are happy to have a box of their best gear ready for giveaway!"

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