Spies in Disguise Mobile Game Adds More Content

Players can now race into action with massive content updates to Spies in Disguise: Agents on the Run that will add more ways than ever to be the world’s top super spy in the official mobile game based on the animated spy comedy adventure “Spies in Disguise,” featuring the voices of Will Smith, Tom Holland and more.

As part of an ongoing series of free updates, super spies can now undertake Missions. Missions are a new gameplay mode that requires players to complete objective-based challenges of increasing difficulty and adds a large collection of challenges in each location. Completing a mission successfully gives the player an opportunity to expand and improve their collection of characters. Mastery of each mission allows players chances to quickly collect additional rewards daily.

Additional content dropping into Spies in Disguise: Agents on the Run this month includes:

New Playable Characters EYES (voiced by Karen Gillan in the film) is a video surveillance and analysis agent who can analyze the smallest visual detail using a vast array of video inputs in her hi-tech glasses. Play as Eyes or in her tactical gear as Agent Eyes as they join the roster with abilities that can slow time, duplicate coins, pinpoint collectible items, and sense incoming danger.

These updates are just the first of an ongoing series of features and content that will continue to be regularly added to the game keeping spies on their toes with new gadgets and challenges.


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