Sony PlayStation Tablet

Sony seems to be on a mobile gaming roll with not one, not two, but three new handheld devices coming to market.

The long-rumoured PlayStation Tablet appears to be fact and will join a line-up which includes the NGP, handheld and the Xperia Play, PlayStation phone.

According to Engadget, the tablet, codenamed S1, will be fully PlayStation integrated. In English, that means the device will be PSone compatible and reports are, it could come loaded with up to 100 titles.

It runs Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and features a 9.4 inch screen. The design features a curved edge, which is supposed to remind users of a folded magazine or a paperback, but actually means it could be the first tablet that’s comfortable to hold in one hand and isn’t a pain in the wrist to type on.

Engadget reports a $599 price tag and a September release.

We think it could be a question of watch this space.

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