Some Great Mobile Games for 2020

2019 was a great year for online gaming, but things are only going to change for the better in 2020 and beyond. Software developers are busy creating new games while bringing some of their classic titles back into the spotlight. These include casinos and videogame developers, so regardless of how you envision entertainment, there are more than a few options worth considering.

Esports spearhead the videogame offensive

The videogame industry is being driven by those titles that have a potential for crossing into the realm of electronic sports. The ever more powerful smartphones and tablets make it possible for players to enjoy competitive games at the highest levels on their handheld devices. Battle Royale video games have set important milestones in 2019 and they continue to look like the most popular genre. PUBG Mobile is the game to download right now, with a burgeoning community and tremendous potential for growth.

Vainglory is another exciting videogame that appeals to those who are ready to make the transition to competitive gaming. It follows the MOBA recipe for success and draws inspiration from classic titles such as League of Legends and DotA 2. Right from the start, developers were determined to make this game available exclusively on mobile devices, so it was created accordingly. At the opposite end of the spectrum, mobile gaming apps such as Pokemon Go continue to encourage players to venture outside.

Poker and casino games are on the rise

The gaming industry with the most important growth in 2020 is once again likely to be online gambling. There are plenty of established and new casinos competing for players and they throw the best games and offers at prospective members. Casino games can be downloaded for free from the official websites of the gaming operators, or acquired from the Apple Store and Play Store. They require minimal resources and run smoothly even on less powerful devices, so smartphone and tablet owners can enjoy their games.

Poker is a bit more competitive and requires a stable Internet connection, since players compete against their peers. Having said this, the mobile poker apps are ideal for enjoying on the go, as their action fits in nicely on the smaller displays. These games can be played for free at the lennus website and the best part is that players can try them in demo format without even being connected to the Internet. Given the steep learning curve of poker, it helps a lot to have the opportunity to play for free while honing your skills.

Without a doubt, the most popular mobile games for 2020 are going to be the omni present slots. There are thousands of them available and many more under development, so it is most unlikely to ever get bored with this genre. These games can be played straight in the browser, so punters who don’t want to download a dedicated app can make the most of them. Classic games with fruity themes and modern varieties carrying progressive jackpots are offered by the same casinos, so one account unlock them all.

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