Some Esports Trends to Watch Out for in 2020 and Beyond

The year is not over yet, and there is so much more that we have to look forward to in the domain of technology. This year has been a nightmare in probably every way.


However, the one thing that is worth mentioning is the series of developments in sports and technology.


In today’s article, we shall particularly focus on the trends that one can observe in Esports in 2020 and beyond. Esports has been drawing tremendous attention for a long time.


Streaming platforms, audience and betting are some of the sectors that have been eyeing this domain for a long time. With the latest trends in Esports, its popularity is only going to soar.


And we are now going to look into the trends to have a better understanding of the topic. 

Mobile Esports Has an Upward Rising Curve:


One of the most important developments in this domain is the adoption of mobile Esports. Everyone has mobile phones on them wherever they go.


And with mobile Esports becoming more popular, people can now play their favorite games on the go.


They do not need a laptop or a computer to play these games. Accessibility to these games has increased and made Esports more popular than ever.


And as the year ends and we step into a new one, this trend is only going to go strong. There shall be more innovations, and more people are going to join in the fun. 

Esports Betting is Gaining More Traction:


Betting on sports has always been a lucrative form of gambling. There are enough opportunities to make money and ace this field.


And this year, Esports have only added to the fun of betting on sports. It is expected that by the end of this year, the market share for Esports betting will amount to $30 billion.


The fanbase is growing, and betting sites are now providing options for betting on Esports too.


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By the beginning of 2021, it is expected that Esports and traditional sports shall join forces to make betting more fun. 

Direct-to-Consumer Esports Products are Witnessing More Innovations:


Several innovations and fresh-out-of-the-box approaches to Esports can be observed these days.


Game developers are beginning to understand how vital it is to provide Direct-to-Consumer products. They enhance the entire gaming experience and entice more people to join the league.


Some of the most crucial bits of digital innovations are that of offering behind-the-scenes of sports, pre and post-event action and the like.


These provide extra context to gamers, and they enjoy playing their games even more. Also, many reputed game developers are showing an increasing interest in sponsoring Esports.


This shall, thus, help Esports in being widely accepted in the mainstream and contribute to its popularity. 

Esports Tourism Is Going to Bring about a Revolution:


Esports and tourism do not seem like concepts that can gel well.


But Esports tourism is very much going to be a thing this year and the next. People are now beginning to recognize that the tourism industry can make as much money from Esports like traditional sports.


Players and gamers, like those of traditional sports, can now travel to different places for tournaments.


This is going to provide a boost to the economy of the country and scale the tourism industry.


Plus, with the gamers now travelling around the globe for tournaments, Esports shall come closer to the world.


Esports tourism is, thus, an amazing idea to boost the economy as well as make the domain popular. It is more like the branding and marketing of Esports. 

Wrapping Up:


Not many of us are aware of Esports and the opportunities that it brings along with itself.


You can be an active participator, a passive observer or just someone who likes betting on the domain. There are chances galore to make Esports into a source of livelihood.


You can also be a fan of the same without having to do much.


However, the popularity of Esports has not been quite what it should have been for a long time.


It is only recently that more people are accepting and understanding it, and the latest trends shall speak for it.


These are some of the trends that shall dominate the rest of the year and the next, too. Keep an eye out for these trends and wait patiently to see what more this space has to offer. 

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