Soft Rescue Edition 2 Ships


AmeriChannels ( ― The exclusive North American publisher and distributor of the SoftRescue family of software migration products ― today announced the availability of SoftRescue Gamers Edition 2.

"As individuals purchase new computers and move to Windows XP or Vista, they need a fast and efficient way to move their games with minimum downtime," said AmeriChannels CEO Craig Letourneau. "SoftRescue Gamers Edition 2 quickly searches for all installed games, as well as the associated extension packs and patches, and easily moves them from the old PC to the new PC. Users get extra value because not only can they perform multiple transfers between the old and new computer, they can also use SoftRescue Gamers Edition 2 on two different sets of PCs. In addition to moving games to a newly purchased computer, they can also save the software to use the next time they purchase a computer. SoftRescue Gamers Edition 2 is the strongest migration software at a great price and value for the PC Gamer."

SoftRescue Gamers Edition 2 migrates games from one PC to another quickly, easily, and safely, leaving the user with an operating system completely free of viruses, worms, hijackers, and spyware. Plus, SoftRescue Gamers Edition 2 also provides:

An easy to use interface with step-by-step instructions and drag and drop functionality

Fast and easy installation on all supported Windows platforms
Multiple media type transfer options and high-speed transfer rates

Comprehensive reporting that provides status of games transferred

A unique approach of not copying games, but installing games onto new systems resulting in a virus, worm, spyware free migration and a registry that includes only the required application files

Migration of all saved games together with patches, extension packs and personal settings

An automatic live update feature that keeps applications current

Adjustable compression settings to ease game transfer and make the archive file smaller

Unlimited transfers between an old PC and a new PC

Use on more than on set of PCs, save and use on your next new PC transfer

The SoftRescue family of products also includes SoftRescue Pro and SoftRescue Small Business― both created to help users eliminate the unpleasant tasks that come with the purchase of a new computer. Designed to be self-evident and user-friendly, users can virtually recreate the feeling and flow of their old computer onto their new system with minimal downtime. The SoftRescue line of products offers individual users and businesses the most powerful and accurate migration software available.

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