Snapple Goes Airborne with Mobile Games

Airborne Entertainment — one of the world’s leading mobile entertainment publishers — has entered into a wide-ranging partnership with Snapple, part of Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages. Airborne will leverage Snapple’s Real Facts under the cap trivia campaign, its quirky personality, and iconic packaging to create "the best mobile phone stuff on earth."

Snapple lovers can look forward to downloading games, applications, wallpapers and animated ringers directly on their phones. Each product promises to capture Snapple’s irreverent, refreshingly full-flavored attitude.

Andy Nulman, Airborne’s President explained how the partnership came out. "I popped the cap on my Peach Snapple when I learned that "the average person spends two years on the phone in a lifetime" (Snapple Real Fact #88). That’s when the idea for Snapple wireless products popped into my head. Snapple is not just a line of great teas and juices–it’s a lifestyle brand, and Snapple Real Facts have become a part of pop culture. Add to this the brand’s way-out-there personality and you get a perfect fit for the wild world of wireless. Now if we could only figure out a way to prevent the iced tea from leaking out of the phones during our development process."

Lewis Goldstein, Director of Licensing for Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages was reached for comment on his mobile phone. "The one thing we know about Snapple lovers is they just can’t get enough of this brand. With Airborne products, Snapple-loving consumers can stay connected to Snapple, 24/7."

Airborne’s line-up of Snapple products will be available in the fall on wireless carriers across North America. Additional products will be released throughout the year. Brandgenuity, a boutique licensing agency based in New York City assisted Snapple in negotiating the Airborne agreement.

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