Slot Machines for Beginners: Selection of Games, Initial Rules and Tips

Casinos have been around long before the invention of slot machines, but over time this has become a dominant form of entertainment in gaming resorts. Gambling businesses promote and invest in slots because they generate more revenue than any other game. Incidentally, players find their massive payout potential attractive and enjoy the thrill of chasing the ever-elusive jackpots.

Online casino businesses even double down on this trend. Their lobbies host hundreds or even thousands of slots, with different themes, mechanics, and levels of volatility. Not only that, but user bonuses and VIP perks really nudge players towards slots. In Greece, there is an operator called My Empire casino that hosts over 6000 games from more than 80 studios. Both their newcomer bundle and weekly bonuses are designed mainly around slots. So if you never tried these games before and want to know what they are all about read on. This is a how to play slot machines for beginners and it covers everything you need to know.

Choosing the Right Casino

To truly enjoy this entertainment you need a gambling operator with lots of options. Unfortunately, regular bars or gambling joints only have a dozen or so, slot machines that are popular throughout the world. They are unlikely to have the whole series of arcades like Dragon Link from Aristocrat for example. These can typically be found in big entertainment resorts, and those are few and far between.

Online casinos on the other hand have lots of options, and as stated previously lots of bonuses. You might even come across free spins promos with low or no wager terms and use them to gamble risk-free. You can look for new casino operators on GamblingORB and read full reviews that analyze their banking support, available games, and promos. What’s more, you don’t even have to sing up or spend money to play casino games. You can try them in demo version, and we’ll cover later how that helps.

Best Slot Machines for Beginners

In essence, all slot machines work on the same principle. You use money to play and press the spin button. They don’t require much strategy, but you should still choose the game carefully. There are several types of slots based on their mechanics or features and even payout structure:

  • Regular/Classic – They use 5×3 grid and between 10-25 paylines. The paylines can also work both ways, and you can see them in the game’s info.
  • Cluster – Here same symbols need to be adjacent to one another to form a winning combination, and they can be combined with a cascade mechanic.
  • Cascade – Whenever you get a winning combo, symbols used for that combination disappear, and the remaining symbols are rearranged. You can get subsequent wins and typically you get a stacking multiplier for each subsequent win.
  • Megaways – These use a larger grid and can have thousands of paylines. The paylines change on every spin and megaways generally have high volatility or variance.
  • Progressive – Any of the mentioned types can also be a slot with a progressive jackpot. This means the prize pool increases the more people spend and lose money playing this game.

You can also encounter mechanics that give you unique bonus rounds, free spins, re-spins, sticky wilds, etc. This medium has really progressed so going over all of the features might be overwhelming.

As a new player, remember to filter your options based on volatility or variance. Low-volatility games are the best slot machines for beginners as they are lower risk. These have higher win frequency, but the payout size is lower at the same time. High volatility games tend to have massive jackpots that are very hard to get, and the chase can consume the player. They are designed to be more exciting, and incentivize more spending, and even non-gambling apps and video games copy this design philosophy to attract whales.

Play for Free Before Spending Real Money

It’s always better to try a slot in a demo version before you spend any money on it. First, you get to test out the hit frequency and adjust your expectations. You can also see which denomination or bet size feels most satisfying. A good rule of thumb is never to play with either the highest or lowest denomination, as both can feel disappointing. You’ll either burn through your budget within seconds or play for hours without achieving anything.

In case the slot has a bonus buy feature you can use the demo to test that as well. Bonus buy is expensive but you’ll immediately trigger a bonus round that has a higher win rate per spin and a higher multiplier. So, give it a few tries to see if it’s worth the cost.

Another way to play for free but still win something is in social casinos. Here you aren’t spending real money, and the virtual currency you get can be exchanged for some rewards. That being said the RNG and reward systems aren’t the same as those in real casinos. so you’ll win more often.

Strategies and Tips for Beginners Slot Machines Players

In reality, there are only a few ways to manage your risk-reward ratio. First is through careful bankroll management, and simply by showing restraint. Play responsibly, don’t gamble money you can’t afford to lose, and look for bonuses. If you come across no wager-free spins or no deposit promo, claim it. It’s as close as you can get to risk-free gambling.

Another way is to play slots with a hot drop jackpot feature, and only play them if a few conditions are met. These are jackpots that need to drop within every hour and within every 24 hours. So, if the jackpot is still active 5 minutes before midnight or before a full hour expires that’s when you want to play. It means that it will drop within those next 5 minutes. Since these are online, more users can play at the same time, and it’s not guaranteed you’ll get it. But you still have a better chance this way.


That about covers our how to play slot machines for beginners guide. Hopefully, you learned something new, and are interested in taking these games for a spin, pun intended. Remember to play on licensed casinos that adhere to local RTP policy, this way you ensure the rules are fair. Study the games and how they work, before you spend real money, and try to use some of the tips provided above.

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