SimCity BuildIt Game Adding PvP Battles

Today, EA Mobile’s popular building game SimCity BuildIt is adding a new Club Wars feature, that introduces real-time player vs player (PvP) action to the iconic city-building experience for the first time in the franchise.

With Club Wars, players who are at level 18 or higher and part of a Mayor’s Club can declare war on other cities. Once the battle begins, teams can unleash crazy disasters on opponents — like the Disco Twister and Plant Monster — to damage the opposing city while watching the wreckage happen live. Cities will repair themselves after the battle, and winning cities will reap increased benefits of war, earning SimCash and other valuables to improve their city, or disaster cards which can be upgraded for more powerful attacks. Winning cities of course also earn bragging rights over other Mayor’s Clubs.

To learn more about Club Wars, visit the EA Mobile blog post here:

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3 thoughts on “SimCity BuildIt Game Adding PvP Battles”

  1. and this all turns a city building game into a war game that is now unplayable as the former. Dear EA: You Suck, Best Regards,

  2. it is sad that this game has gone from building and creating to a war game with terrorist mentality where a civilian mayor can now destroy occupied residential buildings in another city by sending missile type disasters into that city. This is now a death and destruction game that has lost it’s initial idea of being a game to create. If you like hypothetically killing civilian residents in other cities, then this game is for you.

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