Scary, exciting or fun? 3 easy tips to choose a game for Black Friday or Christmas

Hey, it’s that time of the year again! You are hunting around for upcoming deals to stock your gaming pantry. The net is flooded with tips and suggestions. You end up with a big headache. We are here to help.

Before we begin, one answer to the question a friend of mine asked me yesterday. I guess many of you can use the info.

Bob is salivating on Black Friday deals, but with Christmas coming right behind and the whole family writing wish lists… where to find extra cash? So he asked me what about raising some by online gambling?

“There are so many of those offers like 100 no deposit free spins on starburst around”, says Bob. Yep. Are you asking me if it’s a good idea, dude?

Rule of thumb: read all the instructions carefully. No one-size-fits-all answer here. Gaming is gaming, always fun, gambling is gambling, always some risks involved.

That said, let’s move on to our quest!

Minimalist approach: here are just 3 suggestions, but quality ones.

  1. Scary: Little Nightmares

Tarsier Studios, published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

Creepy and cute at the same time. Will get under your skin. Inspired by childhood fears.

Six is a little girl trapped in the Maw, a mysterious vessel populated by monstrous, giant-size adult figures. A ravaging, primeval hunger torments Six while she painstakingly climbs up the floors in the Maw, trying to escape.

Dark, haunting visuals create a constant feeling of anguish, supported by the oppressive soundtrack. You will catch your heart thumping without even noticing how you got there.

  1. Exciting: The Witcher – Wild Hunt for Nintendo Switch.

Publisher and developer: CD Projekt.

The world is holding its breath waiting for the Netflix series, but enthusiasm is already wild for the Switch version of The Witcher. Released on Oct. 15Th, it does loose a bit of graphic quality as compared to the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

If you are not into The Witcher already and prefer to join the sect on your console – go for it! You won’t regret.

The Witcher is one of a kind. The child of a cult Polish fantasy book series, a full blown RPG plus combat game. Mutant monster hunter Geralt of Rivia roams in a complete fantasy world of ancient reigns, complicated politics, feuding humans, elves and dwarves.

While seeking for his lost ward, princess Ciri, Geralt fights and kills monsters for money. And romances powerful sorceresses. Stunning graphics and a solid plot will keep you entertained for months.

  1. Fun: Heaven’s Vault

Inkle Studios, for PS4 and MS Windows.

An archeology adventure that implies being an archeologist, not a monster slayer. Aliya Elasra sails from moon to moon of The Nebula in her Nightingale ship with her robot Six in search of a missing roboticist.

In her quest, Aliya deciphers the hieroglyphics of an ancient language and discovers the mysteries of a lost civilizations.

This is the game for you if you dream of being an archeologist doing field work in exotic places. Talking to the locals in search of cues, engaging your brain in cracking the code of the mysterious inscriptions. A slow-paced game with beautiful 3D scenarios blended with 2D graphics.

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