Sandio Technology Adds Another Level Of Fun To PC Games

Agility is the name of the game for PC gamers. With that in mind, Sandio technology Corporation, a 3D input company, today introduced Game O’, the world’s 1st 3D gaming mouse, from the annual E3 expo. The patent Game O’ offers gamers a way to move foreward, backward, sideward, jump, crouch, pitch, yaw and roll without using the keyboard. Gamers’ left hands are free to execute commands that were mutually exclusive with WASD keys. In RTS and RPG, gamers are able to issue game commands while simultaneously adjusting the screen view during online battles, as they no longer have to move the cursor to the edge of the screen to move the camera.

Carrying an MSRP of $79.99, Game O’ will be available directly from e-Bay and this summer. Currently, Sandio Technology is working with brand name gaming mouse vendors to offer 3D gaming mouse under specific brand names.


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