SAGA MMORTS Releases The Undead

The first expansion to the SAGA MMO RTS (by Silverlode Interactive) world adds 17 new Undead troops and 5 spells to the core unit set and enables the Undead as a playable race. The Undead are a fearless faction, featuring such powerful units as the self-regenerating Undead Dragon, and the Lich, who dominates with his Terror ability, which breaks the morale of even the most resilient foes. The Undead expansion also adds new quests for players trying the new race, as well as a number of new quests advancing the SAGA storyline for all races and factions.

SAGA has an ever-developing storyline, with new quests and content added every other week; each faction has a distinctive play style and back story. In the near future, Silverlode will implement an innovative story system, where players' choices will affect and determine the direction and events of the ongoing saga.

With the unleashing of the Undead, SAGA has now advanced to the Third Age. When SAGA first launched in March ’08, the five factions were at perpetual massive war, every faction for itself. In the Second Age, the Elves, Dwarves, and Giants formed an allegiance called The Order, determined to wipe out the darker factions"

The Orcs and Dark Elves were thus compelled to form their own blood pact, known as the Brotherhood. Outnumbered and under attack, the Brotherhood desperately schemed to release an Elder God, the God of Death, from his Underworld prison, to join them against the Order. They succeeded, and the Undead have now joined the Brotherhood, restoring the balance. The Third Age has dawned.

The saga continues, and the story will unfold as new quests and game features are added every week or two. Only Silverlode Interactive president Jason Faller knows what will happen next, and he's keeping it close to his chest"

Silverlode Interactive is an expanding game studio outside Salt Lake City, Utah, founded by movie industry professionals. Silverlode's flagship title, SAGA, is set to revolutionize RTS gaming. Visit to register for free.

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