Rise Of Empire Launches May 5th

Rise of Empire will be launched on May the 5th, 2009.

As a MMO web strategic game, Rise of Empire pictures a world war in medieval period for players, with its magnificent world views and different development routes of 12 ancient races' civilizations.

Emperors can expand their territory through continuous exploration and/or battles. Meanwhile, in order to build up a great empire, many other issues need to be considered, such as: economics, technology, diplomacy, education and etc. Be nice and be wise!

Be smart or be tough? Destiny of the empire is in you!

Rise of Empire is free to play, and no download is needed. Everyone is welcome to put forward suggestions and opinions, and submit them to game forum or GM. We appreciate the players' support of the game, and we are glad to ensure that every precious opinion and suggestion will be repaid, as more wonderful activities will be presented soon.

Heartfelt thanks to your attention!

Official website: http://roe.mmorich.com/

Official forum: http://roe.mmorich.com/bbs

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