RedDeerGames Announces nGolf on Nintendo Switch

RedDeer.Games has announced the release of nGolf for the Nintendo Switch. This challenging golf adventure includes scenic golf courses in eight unique worlds.

nGolf presents players with many challenging puzzles and levels involving spikes, hills, lasers, and more. Beating a level means that another cube-shaped golf course will appear on screen. There are over 60 of those unique levels in nGolf, and together they make up the eight colorful worlds, each with a different design and feel.

There is an unlimited number of possible solutions to finish nGolf’s levels. Different angles and strengths can change the trajectory of the ball diametrically. Players should watch for hills, teleports, and speed boosters while playing.

Key Features of nGolf:

  • 8 unique worlds.
  • Over 60 levels to master.
  • Scorecards to help players track their progress.
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