Realore Launches Jane's Hotel

Realore Studios today announces the immediate availability of Jane's Hotel 1.06, a new computer game that lets you unleash your inner hotelier. You play as Jane, a young lady who starts her own business with the goal to make her hotel the best in town.

"Jane's Hotel" challenges you to multitask by giving new guests the keys to the rooms at the reception desk; delivering coffee and newspapers; getting the maid to clean the rooms and water flowers; change bed, bring the telephone to the customer, etc. If you do all this in a timely manner, you are on the way to winning the game.

The goal of the game is to keep the hotel's guests happy so that you can gain popularity and make enough money to move on to the next level. The faster you serve, the more fees you get, and the more popular your hotel becomes. But, if you take too long, guests will frown, get up and leave. If you fail to earn enough money, you lose and have to play the level again.

To make your hotel popular, you should invest into its upgrades. Buy new items of furniture, coffee-machines, pictures, telephone to attract more customers.

While managing the hotel might not sound as exciting as blasting away aliens with lasers and bombs, you'd be surprised at how challenging it is. Advancing in your career, you'll go through 40 increasingly difficult levels and work in 4 different hotels. "Jane's Hotel" doesn't grow repetitive after a while, even if you won the game, you are certain to re-play it again!

The game is very easy to play. Simply use the mouse to move Jane around the hotel, click on the objects that require attention, such as telephone, newspapers, flowers that need watering or TV set that the customer wants you to switch on.

As usual with Realore's titles, "Jane's Hotel" is a looker. The game features outstanding graphics, many funny animated characters. Its another nice touch is scrolling, letting you get out of the 800×600 format, which is typical for casual games.

Complementing its colorful graphics, "Jane's Hotel" excels in audio. As you serve the customers, you'll enjoy 5 catchy soundtracks.

Try your hand at managing a hotel business. It's fresh and fun to play!

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