Quests and Hidden Adventures for Season of Discovery

By: Arham Akhtar

If you are an ardent player, you would have enjoyed the arrival of World of Warcraft’s new expansion ‘Season of Discovery’. Are you also curious about this new expansion’s epic quests and adventures? 

‘Season of Discovery’ has ignited a spark of new epics and adventures in the update. Well, this season also introduces a plethora of quests for the players. Hence, the gameplay is exciting news and an adrenaline-pumping adventure. 

Season of Discovery in the World of Warcraft went live on November 30 and the exceptional features in this expansion evoked a sense of curiosity in the gaming world. 

In this blog, let us look into the types of Quests and Adventures in the Season of Discovery. Are you ready to venture into the article?  Let’s go!

Level Up Phase

One of the best features in the Season of Discovery is the ‘Level Up’ phase. This season introduces various level phases for the players. Hence, the players can enjoy one level completely and unlock various rewards.

These updated level-up raids are also endgame content in the Season of Discovery. When the level-up raids get more challenging, the players will exercise many strategies to reach the different levels.  

Players will also delve into the ancient ruins and unravel the profound lore of the Season of Discovery. Players also come across unique boss encounters in every level.

Sounds competitive? No worries gamers also buy Season of Discovery Gold to ease their gameplay. 

Epic Quests in Season of Discovery

Lost Kingdoms and Dungeons

Players delve into the lost kingdoms and venture through the ruins and relics of the place. Blackfathom Deeps is one of the dungeons in the WoW that players tend to explore.

There are several other quests in the Blackfathom Deeps such as ‘Heart of Void’, ‘Twilight Falls’ etc. 

Deep Oceans and Rewards

The quests in the Season of Discovery do not cease in the ancient ruins and lost kingdoms. Players tend to venture into the sunken cities and battle the sea monsters to unlock more rewards.

While venturing the different quests, players should also hand over the quest items. This helps gamers to gain reputation points in the game.

The quest rewards range from reputation points to items such as Avenger’s Void Pearl. Hence players can choose either reputation points or reward items.

Rattling the Rattle Cages

Season of Discovery has several challenging quests, among them, ‘Rattling the Rattle Cages’ is the most difficult one. 

Rattling the Rattle Cages is where players encounter the undead enemies and battle with them using challenging tactics. 

These enemies with the most dangerous abilities test the skill of players. However, the unique seasonal rewards will encourage the players to venture into the levels. 

Players should take out the Rattlecage skeletons to enter into another level. To complete the quests fast, they can use the add-ons. 

Venture into Ashenvale Mount

Ashenvale is an interesting and exceptional location in the ‘Season of Discovery’. This location is also a place of elves that serves as an important point in the new expansion. Players should earn reputation points to reach the Ashenvale location.

Level 19 players can enter the Ashevale mount and players can gain fifty percent speed movement. 

A reputation boost is one of the best rewards for reaching the heights of Ashenvale Mount. 

Shadowlands Expedition in Season of Discovery

In the new expansion of World of Warcraft, players will also tend to explore the PVP Island expedition. 

Most of the shadowlands in the ‘Season of Discovery’ are unexplored and new. Hence, when the gamers explore these locations, they will also build a strategic gaming community to complete the quests. 

Ongoing Gaming Content

The content in the Season of Discovery is more advanced than the previous updates. The gaming content is fresh and tends to expand in the different expansions. The exploration and adventures in the World of Warcraft’s ‘Season of Discovery’ are exceptional.

This gaming content is full of thrilling adventures and deep lore in this new expansion. Players can also expect special achievements and rewards in the rich and immersive lore of the Season of Discovery.

Customization in the Season of Discovery

Apart from the quests and adventures in the Season of Discovery, this expansion also provides customization options for the players. 

Rune engraving is the character customization skill in this new expansion. Players can customize the play style in the World of Warcraft and play the ever-evolving adventure. 

PVP Events

The PVP events in the Season of Discovery are much wider with the new features. Some of the Player versus Player events are expedition wars, mystic arenas, relic shutdown, frontier shutdowns and Discovery duels etc. 

There are a few territories in the Season of Discovery that are unexplored. In the above PVP events, players hunt down the ancient relics and adapt the new strategies to reach the next level. 

These PVP events differ from the classic PVP combats in World of Warcraft. It comes with powerful buffs and void creatures with deep lore integration. 

Community Engagement in Season of Discovery

We have looked into the various features, and adventures in the Season of Discovery. With all these quests and PVP events, the players can reach the highest level in the game and engage with the gamer’s community.

Community engagement in this new expansion in World of Warcraft fosters players of various levels to work together and engage in interesting gaming activities. 

Whether you are a veteran player or a new player, ‘Season of Discovery’ and its gaming attributes engage you in the immense theme of exploration and Azeroth’s mysteries. 


In conclusion, Season of Discovery stands out as more than just another addition to the World of Warcraft universe.

The expansive realms and the unexplored relics in the Season of Discovery unravel more adventures in the World of Warcraft. If you are a new player, it’s time to understand the game mechanics of World of Warcraft and ace the Season of Discovery. 

This blog has curated the important quests and strategies to unlock the rewards in your expedition. What are you waiting for? Let us get into the unexplored arenas in Azeroth.

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