Puzzler World Hits DSi And 3DS

UFO Interactive Games, Inc., a leading publisher of interactive entertainment, today announced that Puzzler World XL for the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS, is scheduled for release October 18 on the Nintendo’s’ DSiWare service.

Published by UFO Interactive Games and developed by Ideas Pad Ltd., Puzzler World XL packs a mind-bending punch with over 1,800 puzzle-based mini-games packed into one convenient digital download. Challenge yourself, friends, and family to a wide array of games like Wordsearch, Crossword, Spot-the-Difference Sudoku, and more!

Puzzler World XL provides players with two game modes for a convenient level of access based on the players schedule, skill level, and needs. Players looking for a quick puzzle fix with the potential to unlock additional bonus content will enjoy the game’s Challenge Mode, while players looking for a deeper experience that will really put their brains through the ringer will enjoy the Master Mode.

In Challenge Mode the more you win, the more you unlock! Each victory rewards players with Hint Tokens which can be redeemed to unlock tips, tricks, solutions and even more Bonus Games such as: Picture Quiz, Jigsaw, Missing Piece, Hangman, Chain Letters, and Equate. In addition to boasting over 1,800 fun and challenging games across two gameplay modes, players can also train the game to recognize their handwriting or special secret code with Puzzler World XL’s Handwriting Recognition feature.

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