PSP Web Browser Added

The somewhat delayed Web browser addition which adds Web surfing capabilities to the Sony PSP, was finally made available today.

The firmware 2.0 upgrade is designed to let users surf the Internet from hotspots using the device’s built-in Wi-Fi functions. In addition, the upgrade features Wi-Fi security, tools for photo sharing and enhanced video and audio playback. The software can be downloaded from the PSP Web site directly to the PSP via a wireless connection, or downloaded to a PC and transferred through a USB cable. The upgrade is available as a download from

With the upgrade, the PSP can be used to check Web-based e-mail and other Web sites. The official PSP site has been designed to look great on the small LCD display, and will let users download game content and movie trailers.

"By allowing consumers to wirelessly surf the Web, personalize their PSP and access and share new audio, video and image formats, PSP continues to evolve the entertainment experience out of the home," Andrew House, executive vice president at Sony Computer Entertainment America, said in a statement.

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