Poker: Rules, Strategies And Tricks

The card game poker is one of the most popular casino games and poker tables and tournaments are offered in all non GamStop casinos and also in many top non GamStop casinos. You can either play online poker against other players from all over the world in virtual poker rooms or compete against the casino itself in various poker games in a real online casino.

From Casino Hold’em to Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Caribbean Stud to Pai Gow: Here you will find all the popular poker sites without GamStop that are offered to you in online casinos for playing for real money. With us, the games are completely free and available without registration, so you can practice online poker free of charge and risk-free before you dare to play for real money. The games can be opened directly in the browser, so you don’t have to download any software if you want to play our free games. Of course, most poker games are available for PC users as well as for players with a cell phone or tablet.

The 5 Most Popular Non GamStop Casino Poker Games

1.    Casino Hold’em

  • Based on: Texas Hold’em
  • House edge: 2.16%

Rules & gameplay: Casino Hold’em is a popular poker game, especially in online live casinos, which is offered in almost all good non GamStop casinos.

You and all other players at the table play against the dealer, who represents the bank. First, you must place an ante that corresponds to your base bet. Then, your two face-up cards, the dealer two face-down cards, and the flop is revealed. Now you have to decide whether you want to double your ante to continue playing or give up. If you continue playing, two more community cards (turn and river) are added. In the end, you form the best five-card hand and you win if you have a higher hand or the dealer doesn’t qualify. Normally this one needs at least a few fours to qualify.

  • Our verdict: An exciting poker game that promises a lot of fun and excitement, especially in a real casino or live dealer casino.

2.    Caribbean Stud

  • Based on: 5 Card Draw
  • House edge: 5.23%

Rules & Gameplay: In Caribbean Stud or Tropical Stud, all players at the table play individually against the croupier who represents the bank. First, an ante must be placed and then all players receive five face-down cards and the croupier receives four face-down cards and one face-up card. The player has the choice of either placing a bet that is equal to double the ante, or folding, i.e. giving up, and thus only losing the ante.

Additionally, if the player wishes to continue playing, he can use an additional ante to trade a single card. The dealer then reveals his cards and only if he qualifies, for which he needs at least a combination of ace and king, does the game continue. All players then reveal their cards and these are compared directly with the bank’s hand. If you lose, all bets are confiscated; if you win, you receive a payout of 1:1 for all bets on your ante field.

  • Our verdict: A thoroughly entertaining poker variant, but unfortunately it has a relatively high house edge.

3.    Pai Gow Poker

  • Based on: Stud Poker
  • House edge: 1.46%

Rules & Gameplay: Pai Gow Poker, sometimes called Asian Poker, is based on the rules of the Chinese domino game of the same name. Here, too, you play directly against the dealer and are dealt seven cards face down from a deck of 53 cards (a joker). From these cards you have to form a high hand and a low hand. The high hand consists of five cards and is scored like normal online poker at non GamStop casinos. The low hand, consisting of two cards, evaluates pairs and combinations of both cards. Only if you win both the low and high hands will you receive a payout of 1:1. If you win either hand, the game ends in a draw and if the banker wins both, you lose.

  • Our verdict: Tactically demanding game that impresses with a large portion of excitement and a low house edge.

4.    Ultimate Texas Hold’em

  • Based on: Texas Hold’em
  • House edge: 2.19%

Rules & Gameplay: The Ultimate Texas Hold’em rules are basically easy to understand. The game is considered one of the most exciting card games of chance ever. To take part in the game round and compete against the dealer, you must first put up an ante. You, the dealer and all other players at the table are then dealt two cards face down. You can then choose whether you want to stay in the game without making any further bets or place a bet of three times the ante. The three flop cards are then placed in the middle.

You then have the opportunity to check again, i.e. to take part in the game without further bet or to place another double ante. Now the turn and river are revealed at the same time and again you have two choices. You can either give up or bet another ante. So you have to bet a minimum of two and a maximum of seven antes. There will then be a showdown and if you are lucky, a 1:1 payout, with the dealer needing at least a pair to qualify.

  • Our verdict: Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a relatively new casino game, but it promises you a lot of fun and excitement and has attractive chances of winning.

5.    Three Card Poker

  • Based on: Draw Poker
  • House edge: 2.85%

Rules & Gameplay: Three Card Poker is one of the simplest casino poker variants. Each player who has placed an ante receives three cards and competes against the dealer, whose three cards are face down. Once you have seen your cards, you must decide whether you want to bet again or fold. The bank must have at least one lady as a high card to qualify. A comparison is then made to see who has the higher hand. If you get a straight or an even better hand, you can win a special prize.

  • Our verdict: This casino poker variant lacks great excitement and action as well as an exceptionally good payout rate. Nevertheless, the game is the optimal option for beginners.

How to Play Casino Poker at Non GamStop Casinos?

The poker casino games we present here are available to play for real money in almost all non GamStop online casinos. All you have to do is register with a provider we recommend, make your first deposit and the fun can begin. You can often start with small stakes of just 1 euro per game, but thanks to the great winning payouts and bonus winnings for high-quality hands, you can win 500 euros or more even with a small stake. In addition, the welcome bonus that you receive in all good online casinos will help you increase your casino budget and thus your chances of winning.

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