Plants Vs. Zombies GOTY Edition Released

Valve and PopCap Games today announced a Game of the Year Edition of PopCap’s hit title Plants vs. Zombies is now available via Steam, a leading platform for PC and Mac games.

The GOTY Edition adds support for Steam Cloud, which allows players to store and access game data from any computer, and introduces the Zombatar, enabling players to incorporate their own custom zombie creations directly into the game. These features are also being added, free of charge, to PC versions already purchased via Steam.
Also beginning today, Plants vs. Zombies for the Mac is available via Steam with support for Steam Cloud and Steam Achievements.

"Delivering Plants vs. Zombies via Steam helped us reach a tremendous audience for the game," said Ron Powers, VP of Product Management at PopCap. "Adding Steam Cloud functionality to the game allows us to increase the value of the title to existing and new customers. In addition, with the title support Steam Play for cross platform play, it seemed the timing was perfect for adding Steam Cloud support."

Those who have already purchased the PC version of Plants vs.. Zombies will receive the Steam Cloud support as a free update, and now have the ability to play the game on any Mac computer via Steam Play. New purchasers will enjoy all of the above features and functionality immediately.

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