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PayPal alternatives in online gambling

Online gambling has boomed into a billion dollar industry all over the world. Its popularity was powered by technological advances that made it easier and safer, including a larger variety of payment solutions. A long time ago, deposits on a casino’s website and even withdrawing funds were long and painful. However, the situation slowly improved and if back in the day it was a pain to process your funds on legal online casinos, now you can find more and faster methods, like PayPal casino and various e-wallet and credit card companies. Paypal was definitely a peak in the development of online casinos and online payments security.

Even though the best online casinos offer numerous paying methods, including credit and debit cards, they also provide a variety of alternatives. PayPal is probably the most trusted and most popular type of e-wallet. Have you ever wondered what are the pros and cons of PayPal? Let’s have a closer look at PayPal and other alternatives, just so you can find the best choice.

Pros of using PayPal

PayPal has a lot of reasons for being a wise and popular choice. Firstly, it’s convenient, free, fairly fast and secure. Here’s a brief guide of its advantages:

Safety and Security

Of course the main purpose of an e-wallet is keeping your money safe and securing online payments and withdrawals without any worry on your end. Online casinos nowadays use a very sophisticated level of security and encryption, but PayPal adds an extra safety to your funds and private information. You don’t need to give away any financial and bank account data, because you only use a username and password. Also, PayPal is a safe choice for any kind of online payment and online transfers.


Another advantage is the grant of anonymity. As mentioned before your bank details are
protected behind your PayPal account. Not only this, but you won’t have in your banking
transactions any kind of gambling activities.

Fast and Easy Deposits

Deposits with PayPal are more convenient and quick than using a debit or credit card. You don’t have to always type in your 16-digit card number or any other information. Besides privacy and security, PayPal is easy and fast and you can make deposits just by one click.

Smooth Withdrawals

When it comes to getting money out, we all know that it can be a pain and take longer than desired. It can ruin all the excitement, but with PayPal is different. Most online casinos make a security check for the first withdrawals of a new account and this may take up to 48 hours. In addition, if you use credit or debit cards, it will surely take a few more days until the money actually get into your account and even longer if you add weekends or bank holidays. Online casino PayPal is swift and smooth.

PayPal bonuses

Some operators offer bonuses for PayPal users, such as boosters and better value for money.

Cons of PayPal

The major disadvantage of using PayPal is that not a lot of online casinos accept it as a payment method. This is a significant drawback because it can limit your choices of where and what to play.
While it definitely has a lot of benefits, for some users it doesn’t feel extremely foolproof. Some
people feel that it doesn’t give you a lot of anonymity, or at least not enough. Even if secure,
transactions are still not completely private.

Alternatives for PayPal

Have a look at some interesting alternatives for PayPal, a good, but far from the only payment method:

Other E-Wallets

Online gambling providers began accepting other e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. They give you a high acceptance rate and are as secure and fast. Skrill also gives you some special benefits like the exclusivity of poker and casino promotions and a VIP programme that allows lower fees and 24/7 support. It’s user-friendly and provides speed, security and privacy. All e-wallets have the advantage of speed and convenience, with increased privacy and security. You can use it from any device and from anywhere in the world.

Credit Cards

Credit/debit cards can always be a viable alternative. However, it may lack quick withdrawals and private transactions.

ACH (e-Check)

This helps you make online check payments, available mostly to US and Canadian players.

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