PAC-MAN Chomps To Nook Platform

Just in time for the new NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ tablet hardware coming out later this month, NAMCO BANDAI Games America has released the iconic arcade title PAC-MAN onto the NOOK Apps page. Harkening back to the classic 1980 game that was awarded as the Most Successful Coin Operated Game by the Guinness World Records, PAC-MAN for NOOK brings the addictive experience to the NOOK HD, NOOK HD+, NOOK Color and NOOK Tablet for the price of $2.99. The app is available now at the following URL:

PAC-MAN, the world famous arcade classic, returns in this faithful rendition for the NOOK Tablet! Who can forget the countless hours and quarters spent avoiding pesky ghosts while chompin’ on dots and gobbling up the fruit for bonus points? Relive the retro arcade action! Play Original, Normal or Easy Mode and guide PAC-MAN with three new control modes. You can adjust the game to your preferred control style to dodge ghosts, navigate mazes and chomp dots. Munch fruits and other items for big points! Eat all of the dots to advance to the next stage. Go for high scores and high levels! Gain an extra life at 10,000 points! Gobble blinking Power Pellets to weaken ghosts temporarily and eat them up before they change back. Avoid Blinky, the leader of the ghosts, and his fellow ghosts Pinky, Inky and Clyde, or you will lose a life. Lose all your lives and it’s game over!


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