Ozobot Unveils New Coding Robots Play Pack at New York Toy Fair


Ozobot, maker of award-winning coding robots for the next generation of creators, announced a new way to play and create at New York Toy Fair 2018: the Space Islands Play Pack. Play Packs are powered by Ozobot’s Evo robot and inspired by hundreds of thousands of educators, students, and home users who already use Ozobot’s robots to learn coding and spark creativity. Ozobot will be showing the Space Islands trailer at Toy Fair 2018 on Saturday and Sunday, February 17–18, at Booth #5942 on Level 1.

“Ozobot is a ‘Play to Learn’ company,” said Nader Hamda, Founder and CEO of Ozobot. “We’re changing the way people think about learning and creativity, proving that the next generation of big ideas will come through play. The Space Islands Play Pack fulfills a desire to play at home in a way that combines fun and entertainment with serious coding skills.”

Ozobot’s engaged community of educators and students, spanning over 10,000 U.S. classrooms, inspired some of the ideas behind Space Islands. “Ozobots help to foster collaboration and creativity in the classroom,” said Lesa Wang, a teacher from the Marymount School of New York. “Our students love to create worlds for their bots. I’ve seen our Ozobots turned into horses, Mowgli (from The Jungle Book), Harry Potter, and Elsa (from Frozen).” As the first Evo Play Pack from Ozobot, Space Islands is focused on storytelling. Future packs will build an entire Evo ecosystem and explore game-making, music, and more.

Join Evo in Space Islands, the app-enabled board game that teaches coding and unlocks creativity. As you repair your spaceship, you’ll encounter a quirky cast of characters, including your absent-minded AI guide. You decide how the story unfolds. As you build the world, Evo and the app bring it to life. No challenge is too big or too crazy. Damaged spaceship? Collect color codes to fix it. Code-eating aliens? Use block programming to outsmart them. Hack your way through games of chance, face off with a singing cyclops in a music battle, and more, while evading the evil King Codex. Learn to code on a tablet or smartphone with the block-based OzoBlockly, or use markers and paper with Color Codes. Unlock infinite creativity with Ozobot’s two ways to code in Space Islands.

“With Space Islands, we wanted to create a game that made coding even more understandable and fun,” said Joby Otero, chief product officer at Ozobot. “We’re creating an experience where kids learn basic coding just by playing in an imaginative world that sparks creativity. The more you learn, the more epic and long-lasting it gets.”

Evo, the little robot with infinite possibilities, is iOS and Android compatible and can be coded two ways: online, using the OzoBlockly code editor, or screen-free, using Color Codes made with markers and paper. The Evo Starter Kit will retail for $89 and be available Q3 2018. It includes: one Evo robot, Space Islands Play Pack, USB charging cable, Evo skin, and Color Code markers and activities. Evo is available now at ozobot.com and major retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and Toys “R” Us. For more information on Ozobot, please visit www.ozobot.com.


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