Our Guide to Halloween Games for Horror-Heads

Halloween is a fun time of year when you can dress up in any costume. The scarier your costume, the better. However, instead of trick or treating, why not invite your friends over for a horror-filled night of games?

You can buy an ouija board online or invent new and scary games that might become an annual tradition.

If you are looking for ideas to spice up your Halloween night, then you have come to the right place!

Halloween Games That You Can Play

Here are a variety of horror-themed games you can choose to play with your friends on Halloween night.

Scavenger Hunt

Your scavenger hunt can include spooky clues, objects and locations. Divide your friends into teams and watch the horror unfold.

It’s best played at night with Jack O’Lanterns as the only source of light (and, of course, your phone’s touch).

Adding in elements of horror can make this game much spookier.

Try an Escape Room

Halloween Escape Rooms can be a fun way to pass the time with your friends. Book these in advance to avoid disappointment and solve puzzles to a scenario that you might find yourself trapped in forever- lest you get out.

Host a Horror Movie Trivia

Put your friend’s horror movie knowledge to the test. Who is the biggest horror fan, after all? You can set up horrific prizes for the winner and test to see who the real Halloween fans truly are.

Incorporate both classic and contemporary horror film questions to give everyone a run for the true horror movie trivia champion title.

Host a Murder Mystery Party

Solving a fictional crime during Halloween can be loads of fun. Have all your friends get to be different characters for the night while you work together or against solving a murder that happened under your own pumpkin.

Host a Witches Brew Contest (Or Wizard)

Have your friends create the most horrible or delicious-tasting drink, and the best one wins. The loser will have to down the worst-tasting drink that has been brewed.

Add in spooky elements, like sets of teeth, eyeballs, or other body parts, to make it more horror-themed. Make sure these are edible sweets and not just props, as they will be added to the mixtures made.

Play Heads On A Platter

Heads on a platter is a game that can be enjoyed by everyone present. Divide your friends into teams and give each team a plate, a balloon and markers.

Decorate the balloon and plate to make it look like a severed head, and then the fun begins. Set up a course and have each team member take a lap around it while keeping the head on the plate, ONLY touching the plate.

If you touch the head or lose the head, then a horrible drink is coming your way.

Have A Spooky Soothsayer Present

You can hire a fortune teller to be at your party and give spooky readings to all those who want to know about their horror-filled future.

Although there are no prizes involved with this game, it could be fun to hear what the spooky universe has in store for you.

Guess The Horror Villian

Give each guest a horror villain name tag that they cannot see. The first person to guess who their villain is wins.

Have a Scary Makeup Contest

Split your party guests into groups of two and have them compete to make the most scary make-up look they can possibly create.

You can add extra props but have restrictions on how much extra resources can be used.

Play Hide and Seek At Midnight

Hide and seek is a fun game to play when you know where to hide. Play this game at midnight and watch all your friends scramble in the dark to find a hiding space.

To make things more interesting, add skeleton props in cupboards and hang spooky elements behind doors so that it’s scarier to find a place to hide than it would be to be found.

Have a Haunted House Competition

Competing in a haunted house competition could be a real scare if you go all out. Split into two groups and decorate until your home looks like a graveyard.

The house that gets the loudest screams wins. The prize could be an expensive one as this would take all your resources to pull off.


Halloween is a great time to go all out and show your love for horror. Plan ahead and make sure that your friends are on board for a fun, spooky and non-traditional night of horrors.

Using the games listed above, you can mix up party games and have different people participate in different games to ensure that everyone gets to experience the fun.

Be sure to be extra creative and scare your friends right into next Halloween! Be sure to visit https://www.gameindustry.com for more exciting ghost games to play during Halloween.

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