OSRS: Five Tips You May Not Know About

There’s little doubt that RuneScape holds the title of one of the most influential MMORPGs of all time. Whether you have recently returned to indulging in some Old School RuneScape (“OSRS”), or have stuck with it all this time, you will want to hear these tips and tricks that you may have missed out on. This isn’t a beginner’s guide, but rather a handful of useful hints that will help you to get the most out of the game.

Crafting Gold Amulets

Crafting OSRS gold items is a very common strategy for earning money in OSRS, and among the earliest and most lucrative gold items to craft are gold amulets. Not only do they provide a great way for Free to Play (“F2P”) players to train, but they also only require you to be level eight in the crafting skill. As for materials, gold necklaces only require a gold bar and an amulet mold to craft. Current prices indicate that gold bars cost around 93 gold pieces (“gp”) per bar, with gold amulets selling at 159gp each. A profit of 66gp may not seem like much at first glance, but it certainly adds up as your crafting speed increases.

Purchase Wine Instead of Lobsters

Sound strange? Let me explain. If you are training with either the magic or ranged skill, you are more than likely going to be unable to make the most out of any safe spots that you find. As a result, you are going to need all the healing items you can get.

Many players purchase lobsters to satisfy their healing needs, which can cost up to 200gp each. If you want to save yourself considerable gp, then try buying wine instead. Wine costs just 5gp each, and heals 11 hit points, the same amount healed by lobsters. This is particularly helpful when you are training ranged or magic, since you don’t have to worry about the decrease in the attack skill that comes with using wine.

Save Wilderness Clue Scrolls for PvP Worlds

Taking on wilderness clue scrolls can require a lot of concentration, so it is highly recommended that you attempt to complete these clue scrolls on Player vs. Player (“PvP”) or high-risk worlds. The reason for this is that these particular worlds aren’t very heavily populated, with some having a population as low as 50-60 players.

Another advantage of completing your wilderness clue scrolls on PvP worlds is that there are barely any other players in the wilderness, since many are preoccupied with challenging others in more densely populated areas. It’s definitely worth keeping in mind, though, that you are still very much at risk of being killed by other players, which simply comes with the territory of playing on PvP or high-risk worlds, but they are still considered more effective areas in which to complete wilderness clue scrolls.

Smithing Tip

Here is a neat tip for smithing. While using the furnace in [City Name], you can angle your camera to look over the furnace and toward the bank. From there, if you right click over the plant next to the furnace, you can simply left click once to open the bank.

By using this trick, you will no longer need to right click to find the furnace, making your smithing experience a little bit smoother.

Selling Your Pet Cat

As heartbreaking as this sounds, there is a method to the madness. Once Gertrude’s Cat has been completed through the Argougne achievement diary, you will be able to sell your feline friend in exchange for death runes. Once pet cats are fully-grown, they will fetch a mouth-watering 200 death runes each from West Ardougne citizens.

The process of your cat becoming fully-grown takes around three hours, and during this time you’ll have to feed it and stroke it approximately every 15 minutes. It is recommended that you feed your kitty sardines, since they only set you back 5gp each. If this is a process that you are willing to grind out, you stand to make quite a lot out of it, especially if you factor in other quests and tasks that you’ll be completing in the process.


Hopefully, these handy tips will help you out during your time in OSRS. They aren’t exactly the most convential tips but, if you make diligent use of them, you will find them to be extremely effective, and you should be quite flush with gp in no time.

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