Onverse Gets Mac Client

The Onverse Virtual World is now more massive than ever. Included in their most recent update, beta update 0.4, is a version of the software available to Mac OS 10.3.9 or later users. Mac user can now co-mingle with all the Windows users that have been using the world over the first 1.5 months of their beta.

The world has more than tripled in size in its short time being publicly available (Since June 15th), and the game has already received four updates full of many new features and content. Some of the major additions to date are:

– The Learning Center – A very in depth tutorial area to hand-hold new players from basic movement to more advanced topics such as getting their free apartments.

– New Stores – Most notable are the additions of Factory Fresh Imports, a store that boasts new items pulled from the ideas of their users, as well as The Skeleton Closet, a cave full of costumes.

– New payment options – Onverse has now added over 70 ways to pay for their premium currency, Cash Coins. Now users have options such as paying by cash, credit card, PayPal, Mobile Phones and you can even receive Cash Coins by completing special affiliate offers on their site.

– Shopping Spawn Glows – Since the stores in Onverse update their inventory every hour with new stuff, a system of light glows was implemented to make shopping much easier by simply glancing at the available product and seeing what types of items are available.

In such a short amount of time, it looks like Onverse is making moves to become a major player in the virtual world space. "We pride ourselves on being a small team that can compete with teams ten times our size", said Steve Pierce, founder and CEO. "We believe the addition of our Mac version will give Mac users something that, until now, haven't had quality choices to experience."

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