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Art imitates life in SyNET Entertainment's new online golf experience, requiring both focus and mental stamina. Appealing to the growing interest in golf and the rising popularity of multiplayer online Role-Playing Games (RPG), "Shot-Online" provides a total golf-playing experience, rich in 3D graphics. And best of all, participants worldwide can golf, rain or shine.

"Shot-Online" hit United States retail stores on Sept. 12, 2006, and can now be purchased in stores such Gamestop, EB Games, CompUSA, Circuit City, Fry's Electronics, Micro Center, FYE. Amazon, PC Mall at $29.99 MSRP (No monthly subscription fee). Launched last year in Asia in its "stress test" mode, this golf experience is a true sports RPG. It allows players to experience realistic golf simulation (geographical, physical, motional, and environmental factors such as wind, weather and temperature), full 3D courses and characters, and a variety of camera views.
The game has enjoyed a year-long beta/stress-testing phase in Korea, Japan, China, and Australia, with over 1 million community members participating to date and over 100,000 players in the States.

To bring as much realism to the game as possible, a proprietary physics engine was used in "Shot-Online" to accurately recreate ball and course dynamics. As a result, golf balls act as they should along the geography of a course. Combined with motion-captured golf swings from a Korean PGA golfer, players can experience realistic golf swings, putting, chip shots and other golfing actions.

Furthermore, players can enhance and enrich their experience when playing the game by participating in a variety of community events and quests, competitions, item exchanging, and the game's buddy management and guild community (team competition) system. Players can join "Shot-Online's" Invitational tournament every two months.

The actual semi-final and finals tournament take place in the United States and Asian countries, similar to PGA Tournaments. The virtual game's Worldwide Gold Invitational took place last August.

Unlike others, there is "No monthly subscription fee" to play "Shot-Online" without time or play limits however players are required to purchase items such as clubs and balls, winning tournaments to gain cyber cash needed for buying upgrades in equipment and clothing. The "SyNET Shot-Online Package Edition" includes a multitude of these items, such as cyber cash, tournament invitations and other premium options.

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