Online Casinos With Top Payouts

The best part about playing online casino games is obviously winning. And the best way to win is with a great payout percentage offered by the casino. While jackpots and promotions attract the players initially, they are not enough to keep the players happy.

A payout percentage is the return you make from a bet in a casino. For example, a payout percentage of 90% means a $90 return from betting $100. A payout rate above 96% is considered a good payout. 

How to find the best payout out there?

We at BestCasinosReview have gathered a list of trusted casinos that offer the highest casino payouts to players that you can check below:

1. 22bet: a casino which provides great interface, new software, slick real money gambling, great promotions and fast cashouts

2. Spin Casino: 98% payout

3. 20bet: 97.9% payout

4. Betway Casino: 97.5% payout

How does the payout percentage affect the game?

The world’s top online gambling sites offer the best online payouts available. Generally speaking, online casino payout odds are favouring the player not the house as this is what keeps the player happy. That, of course, varies depending on the game itself. Players have a higher chance of winning money online at poker or blackjack than at slots and roulette games. This is why it is important to check the Return to Player (RTP) percentage before creating your account.

Blackjack is by far the highest payout casino game and the house edge is minimal. This is an industry standard and has been since the creation of modern casinos. Card games generally create a high return to player percentage because they are less dependent on the house and more on the personal strategy. The payout percentage in Blackjack can get up to 99.5%.

Unsurprisingly, roulettes and slots are the games with the lowest payout percentage going at around 95% due to the fact that the win depends solely on luck and game programming. 

The online percentage is pretty much the same as the one in a live casino but the biggest benefit of online gaming is not the RTP, it’s the convenience. Online casinos are also able to offer more versions of a single game which is what makes an online website full with a large variety of real money gambling games. 

Being aware of the house edge is crucial to understanding your chances of winning a big payout in the casino. Without knowing that percentage, you are not getting a real winning or at least not the best one you could take advantage of. It is important to always check the payout percentages of the games you play on the particular website you have chosen as they can vary substantially.

What do you say, that was useful, wasn’t it? Now that you have more information about the payouts, you can make an educated choice about your game. We hope you make a profitable one!

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