Nyko Shows New Wireless Air Flo Controller

Nyko blew away gamers last year with the introduction of the Air Flo controller, the world’s first air-cooled controller. And now, at this year’s E3, the Air Flo goes wireless! Nyko Technologies, a manufacturer of innovative gaming peripherals, introduces the Wireless Air Flo controller for Sony Playstation 2, a cable-free controller which utilizes Nyko’s patented dual-speed Air Flo technology to provide gamers with a consistent flow of fresh air through the controller handgrips. Gamers can now not only stop problematic sweaty hands, but have freer movement during competitive video games such as SOCOM, Tekken 4 and Gran Turismo.

Utilizing the 900 MHz band for the ultimate reliability, the Wireless Air Flo controller features redesigned handgrips with a new twist that enables the fan to be placed in the front of the unit allowing for even greater airflow. Nyko’s Wireless Air Flo controller also offers dual function left and right shoulder buttons, camera analog stick and primary play buttons. The new controller features Nyko’s patented Air Flo design with unlimited speed settings for personalized ventilation. A unique retro rotary analog fan control and matching rotary channel selector add a refreshing touch. In addition, the D-pad has an extension for user customization.

"Our research and development team used the 900 MHz band for a higher quality wireless product," said Susan Corben, director of marketing, Nyko Technologies. "This technology makes the Wireless Air Flo controller more reliable since it utilizes superior error correction algorithms for superb control, and therefore has less interference. This means that gamers don’t have to worry about losing the connection in the middle of a crucial maneuver. And, even better, the increased airflow will cool off sweaty hands even faster!"

Available in June, Nyko’s Wireless Air Flo controller (MSRP $59.99) will be available at all major retailers.

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