New To Online Blackjack? Here’s A Quick Guide to Get you Started

Blackjack remains one of the most popular casino games. This is a classic gambling game, and while there’s no consensus on its origins, there’s evidence of the 21 card game at the French casinos around 1700. History aside, blackjack is popular at the casino due to its low house edge and the combination of luck and skills to win. It is also a live game which adds to the fun and thrill.

Why Online Blackjack?

The advent of online casinos hasn’t changed the game much. Today, you can enjoy your card game with a live dealer at the best online gaming platforms.

Some advantages of online action include more variations of games available such as standard, Triple 7’s, Royal Match, Spanish 21, Double Blackjack, among others. It is also more convenient as you can play from anywhere, even on the go.

There’s no hassle of queuing and waiting for a table like happens at a traditional casino. It is easy to sign up, deposit money, and cash out day or night. Better still, you will get awesome welcome bonuses. These bonuses allow you to enjoy casino action without using your own money.

As more people join the online betting craze, this market will grow larger. According to the Zion Market Research, global online gambling & betting market will reach USD 94.4 Billion by 2024.

As this market grows, you should start honing your blackjack betting strategy to cash in on the action.

Where Do You Play Online Blackjack?

The first step to enjoying online blackjack is to identify the best online casino. The popularity of online gambling has seen the emergence of many shady platforms. You have to be careful to avoid losing money online.

Some of the things to look for in a good online gambling site include:

  1. Safety and security: You should only play at a casino audited and licensed by a renowned regulator. The major regulators include the Government of Curaçao, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), among other reputable and independent gambling authorities.
  2. 24/7 customer support: Look for a blackjack casino that offers reliable 24/7 customer support in case of any queries.
  3. Promotions and bonuses: If you want to enjoy blackjack online, start by looking for available bonuses at your casino. In addition to the bonus offers, look at the terms and conditions of these bonuses. The best online casinos offer great offers and don’t limit the use of your bonus.
  4. Check cash out policies: Read through the entire checkout page and all policies. Check their reverse time, cash limits, and bonus policies, among other things.
  5. Multiple games variations: Don’t settle for anything less than a wide variety of blackjack versions at your casino.
  6. Read reviews and testimonials: Before you sign up, check what other people have to say about a particular platform. Read objective professional reviews to determine the reliability, quality of games/software used, speed of transactions, and customer support, among other things.
  7. Reputation: If you come across multiple complaints against a particular gambling platform, you better stay away from it.
  8. User-friendly casinos: Look for a casino that has great features including live dealers, strobe lights, music and other features to add fun to the card games.

Blackjack Online Betting Tips

  1. If you want to have some fun at an online casino, you have to learn how to maximize your bankroll and avoid losses. Some of the ideas to include in your blackjack strategy include:
  2. Don’t use real money for the first games: Take your time to learn the ropes before you start wagering with your money. Look for a casino that gives huge no-deposit welcome bonuses. Sign up and start playing different versions of blackjack available. The idea is to hone your skills and identify the best game to suit your level.
  3. Learn the online blackjack terminology: You need to learn the blackjack jargon such as face cards, doubling down, and hole card, insurance/bet, split, soft hand, push, surrender, standing hand among others.
  4. Learn the basic blackjack gambling strategy: You have to know when to hit and when to stand, learn the strongest and weakest starting hands, the best hand range to give you an upper hand, best pairs to split among other things. Learning these tricks will improve your strategy and help you win more when playing online.
  5. Use the surrender option: This option is there online too and means you get back half your wager back and ends your hand.
  6. Never take insurance
  7. Do not split pairs of 10 or 6
  8. If you have a pair of aces or 8, split them though it doesn’t seem like fun.
  9. If you have a total of 18, stop in all cases
  10. Pick the right blackjack variant: You have multiple blackjack options to choose from but remember they have varying house edges. For instance, Pontoonhas a house edge of 0.36%, while 21 duel blackjack has a house edge of 0.62%. A lower house edge is better and hence the need to choose your game wisely.

Final Thoughts

Ready to start playing blackjack online? Now you have some great tips to start you off. It is advisable to use welcome bonuses to acquaint yourself to the online casinos before wagering your money.

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