Netmarble Celebrates 50 Million Downloads of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross With Festival

Netmarble, a leading developer and publisher of high-quality mobile games, commemorates 50 million game downloads for The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. The 50 Million DL Celebration Festival honors this milestone by offering fans a newly added hero, special events, rewards, and more.

Today, players can join in on the festivities with a variety of 50M DL Celebration Festival content and events including:

● New Playable Hero: [Last Philosopher] Mage of Infinity Merlin joins the list of playable heroes.

● 50M DL Celebration Festival Draw: Players will have the opportunity to earn the newly added hero [Last Philosopher] Mage of Infinity Merlin. SSR is guaranteed at 300 and 600 mileage. At 900 mileage, players can choose 1 out of 4 festival heroes including [Last Philosopher] Mage of Infinity Merlin, [Waves of the Earth] Queen Diane, [Divine Protection] Merlin the Daughter of Belialuin, and [Restored Emotions] Hijack Gowther.

● 50M DL Celebration Festival Check-In Event: Across a 28-day period, various check-in rewards will be given including 150 Diamonds and a Super Awakening Token.

● Event Boss Battle – Giant Hawk: Depending on the accumulated number of clearing the Event Boss Battle, several rewards can be obtained including Diamonds and the Super Awakening Token. By completing the event, earned resources can be exchanged for various items such as a 50M DL Celebration Festival Ticket and Merlin Costume from the Exchange Shop.

● Chapter Clear Event: By clearing Chapters 19 to 23 main stages, players can obtain rewards such as Diamonds and the Full Awaken Token.

● Additional New Content: Players can now experience Chapter 24.5 and obtain the Jormungand’s Holy Relic and Cusack’s Holy Relic.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross translates the storytelling and adventures of [The Seven Deadly Sins] into a highly engaging and entertaining mobile gaming experience. The game features stunning, high-resolution 3D graphics, more than 100 dramatic cutscenes, and is brought to life with the cast of the original Japanese voice actors reprising their characters.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

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