NDL, Emergent Merge

Emergent Game Technologies, a venture capital funded developer of the Emergent Platform, a suite of video game tools and online infrastructure, and NDL, a leading developer of 3D graphics technology for the computer and video game industry, have merged. The combined company, Emergent Game Technologies, will deliver the most comprehensive and innovative tools and technologies that game developers need to create better games on time and on budget.

"Through licensing of the Gamebryo graphics engine and tools since 1997, NDL has developed a reputation of delivering solid and flexible technology while providing superior customer support. We will build on that experience and reputation as we develop a full modular pipeline solution including tools, infrastructure and services to game developers and publishers worldwide," said Geoffrey Selzer, chief executive officer of Emergent Game Technologies. "Our customers are our primary concern and you will be seeing creative partnerships and business models emerge that will serve the industry extremely well." Selzer will be the chief executive officer of the merged companies.

"We are excited to be able to deliver additional technologies beyond our Gamebryo 3D graphics engine and tools," said John Austin, chief executive officer of NDL. "The creative, engineering and financial resources that Emergent brings to the combined company provide a tremendous fit with NDL's established customers and products. This merger will enable us to dramatically grow our engineering, sales, and marketing organizations. Combined, we will provide the most complete and flexible solution to game developers and publishers in the market." Austin will become senior vice president of business development and strategy in the combined company.

Sid Meier, partner and director of creative development at Firaxis Games, said of the merger, "Firaxis has had an outstanding long-term partnership with NDL. We are excited about Emergent's vision and the additional resources they'll deliver to expand and improve the Gamebryo 3D graphics product line – a technology with which we have been delighted. The new tools and technologies in their portfolio will address even more infrastructure challenges in the development process, enabling us to maintain our focus on creating great gameplay and content."

Emergent Game Technologies is headquartered in Los Angeles (Calabasas), Calif., with product development located in Calabasas, Chapel Hill, N.C. and Walnut Creek, Calif. Sales and marketing is based in Chapel Hill and a sales office will open in Europe later in the third quarter. Emergent is aggressively hiring software developers at all three of the company's U.S. sites.

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