Namco Announces Pac-Mania

Celebrate PAC-MAN's 25th Anniversary with PAC-MANIA! PACMAN
has entered the 3rd Dimension in PAC-Mania, Namco's 3D
sequel to PAC-MAN! Guide PAC-MAN through the vast, scrolling
3D mazes of Block Town, Jungle Steps, and more while chompin’
dots and evading ghosts. Use PAC-MAN's new 3D abilities to jump
over the ghosts. But watch out for the hopping new mini-ghosts! Eat
special Bonus Targets to unlock special skills. This twist on PACMAN
will make you a PAC-Maniac!

Key game features

  • It's a 3D version of PAC-MAN, preserving some of the best-loved
    elements of the classic game, like dot chomping, the Power Pellets, and
    the ghosts, but also including some new 3D abilities.
  • PAC-MAN has new 3D abilities, like jumping over ghosts.
  • New special power pellets (call Bonus Targets) are included to give
    PAC-MAN new power ups, like super speed.
  • There are five new ghosts with new ghostly abilities.
  • Multiple huge, scrolling maze worlds for PAC-MAN to chomp around in.

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