Mr Do! Goes Mobile

Namco Networks, a leading publisher of mobile games and entertainment for mass-market consumers including top selling arcade classics PAC-MAN, Ms. PAC-MAN, Galaga and Dig-Dug, today announced the availability of its latest arcade classics Mr. Do! and Mr. Do!'s Castle on mobile.

In Namco Networks' update to the arcade classic Mr. Do!, players are challenged to help Mr. Do! collect cherries for his pie-tossing clown act. Players must clear the field of cherries while avoiding wild animals such as Red Rovers, Munchie Monsters or Alpha Monsters that have escaped from the traveling circus caravans. The mobile version of Mr. Do! includes both a perfect port of the arcade version, as well as an enhanced mode with new levels, power ups and graphics.

Mr. Do!'s Castle, the sequel to the classic Mr. Do! game, is also now available for mobile and includes the authentic arcade version as well as an enhanced mode with new graphics and power ups. In Mr. Do!'s Castle, players must clear an enchanted castle overrun with wild Unicorns before Mr. Do!'s Magical Clown Act begins. Players can use a mallet to knock out the castle's cherry bricks and push back the charging creatures, or kick the slanted ladders in the multi-level castle to detour pursuers.

"As one of the most well-known arcade classics among retro gamers, Mr. Do! and its sequel Mr. Do!'s Castle are games that are great for the mobile platform and the mobile gaming audience," said Scott Rubin, vice president of sales and marketing, Namco Networks. "The Mr. Do! franchise is a perfect example of how Namco Networks is bringing classic games to mobile, maintaining the authenticity of the classics that everyone knows and loves, while also offering game enhancements suited for next generation gamers."

In addition to updated graphics, the enhanced modes of both Mr. Do! and Mr. Do!'s Castle offer exciting power ups for improved game play. In the enhanced version of Mr. Do!, players can wield a seltzer spray bottle that will turn their nemeses to ice when sprayed or hop into his clown car to plow monsters out of his path. In Mr. Do!'s Castle, power ups include a Magic Wand that turns Unicorns into gargoyles, a Magician's Hat that can teleport Mr. Do! out of danger, and a Monster Mallet that creates shockwaves to knock down the Unicorns.

Mr. Do! and Mr. Do!'s Castle are available today on select national carriers.

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