Movie Karaoke Game Created

Looking for something new in computer games? Want to be the boy who gets the girl (or the girl who's gotten)? Think you're funnier (or grosser) than Stifler in American Pie? It's your line and you're the star with Movie Karaoke.

"Karaoke’s not just about singing anymore," says Richard Foos, creator of Movie Karaoke; CEO of Shout! Factory, a highly successful music and DVD developer in Los Angeles, Calif.; founder and former president of Rhino Records; and the name behind Fooseoke. "We've brought the fun of Karaoke to film and TV and made it more outrageous."

With a Movie Karaoke CD-ROM, all you need is a computer and a microphone and you're a scene-stealing star. Using ground-breaking technology that syncs your words with the movement of the actor's lips on screen, you can use the original dialog – which is subtitled on the screen – or create your own script.

In stores Jan. 6, the company's debut release is Movie Karaoke Presents American Pie, with a suggested list price of $29.95. The successful American Pie trilogy – which includes American Pie, American Pie 2 and American Wedding – hilariously follows the exploits of a group of American kids through high school, college and marriage in their 20s. The trio of films has grossed more than $625 million at the box office to date (with American Wedding still in theatrical release overseas).

Says co-creator Artie Weitz, "My teenage son and his friends were ad-libbing a scene and falling off their chairs laughing. I knew then that we were really on to something special. Home entertainment will never be the same."

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