Most Underrated Games You’ve Never Heard Of

In the gaming world, some titles capture the spotlight, and then those hidden gems quietly offer some of the most unique and engaging experiences.

This article is dedicated to shedding light on some of the most underrated games – the ones you might never have heard of but deserve a spot in your gaming library.

Echo of the Wilds

This pixel-art adventure game is a mesmerizing blend of survival and mystery. Set in a richly detailed forest, players must navigate through the changing seasons, gather sources, and unravel the enigmatic purpose of their character. It’s a game that combines beautiful visuals with thought-provoking gameplay.

Pathologic 2

For those who love a challenging and thought-provoking narrative, ‘Pathologic 2’ is a must-try. This narrative-driven survival thriller sets players in a town consumed by a deadly plague. With a focus on making difficult choices, this game is as much an emotional journey as it is a survival challenge.

The Last Door. Image: The Game Kitchen

The Last Door

This point-and-click adventure game is a tribute to the works of H.P. Lovecraft, featuring pixelated graphics that surprisingly enhance its deeply atmospheric storytelling. Players delve into a series of mysteries steeped in psychological horror and occultism, where every decision pushes the narrative forward.

Sunless Sea

‘Sunless Sea’ is an exploration game set in a Victorian Gothic universe. Players captain a steamship on a vast underground ocean, where they encounter bizarre creatures and enigmatic characters, all while managing resources and their crew’s sanity. It’s a game that brilliantly combines storytelling with survival elements.

Disco Elysium

Though gaining more recognition lately, ‘Disco Elysium’ is still an underrated masterpiece. It’s a deep role-playing game where players take on the role of a detective with a unique skill system at their disposal. The game stands out for its incredible narrative depth and freedom in character development and decision-making.

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A Short Hike

‘A Short Hike’ is an indie adventure game that stands out for its charming art style and relaxing gameplay. Players explore an island as a bird character, meeting other animals, finding treasures, and enjoying the serene landscape. It’s a delightful game that offers a peaceful break from more intense gaming sessions.

Return of the Obra Dinn

Created by the developer of ‘Papers, Please,’ this game is a stunningly unique mystery adventure. Players are tasked with investigating the fate of a ship’s missing crew through a distinctive monochrome art style and a compelling narrative. It’s a game that combines puzzle-solving with a gripping story.


‘Oxenfree’ is a supernatural thriller that combines dark storytelling with a beautiful, eerie soundscape. Players navigate a group of friends who unwittingly open a ghostly rift, and the choices made throughout the game influence the unfolding events. It’s praised for its dialogue system and atmospheric design.

Invisible, Inc.

For fans of strategy and stealth, ‘Invisible, Inc.’ offers a thrilling espionage experience. This turn-based tactics game has players managing agents infiltrating corporations for espionage purposes. Its challenging gameplay and high replay value make it a hidden gem in the tactical genre.


‘Gris’ is a visually stunning platformer that tells a poignant story through its artwork and music. The game is centered around a young girl dealing with a painful experience in her life, and as players progress, the world gains more color, and the puzzles become more intricate. It’s a touching game that uniquely blends art and storytelling.

Night in the Woods

‘Night in the Woods’ combines adventure gameplay with a deeply engaging narrative. Players explore the story of Mae, a college dropout who returns to her hometown only to find things have changed. The game is known for its memorable characters, meaningful story, and beautiful art style. It’s a heartfelt exploration of friendship, change and the challenges of growing up.

Final Thoughts

Exploring the world of underrated games opens doors to unexpected and enriching experiences. From innovative puzzles to captivating narratives, these lesser-known titles challenge norms and delight players in unique ways.

They remind us that gaming is not just about the big names but also the hidden gems offering diverse, creative, and deeply engaging experiences. So, dive into these unexplored territories; you might just discover your next favorite game in the most surprising places.


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