More THQ Assets Distributed, Sega Acquires Relic Entertainment

In addition to the news that Koch Media’s Deep Silver will be getting Saint’s Row, Metro and the Volition Studio from Bankrupt THQ, other publishers have snapped up properties and IP.

Take-Two will buy the Evolve IP, outbidding the developers.

German developer Crytek plans to buy the Homefront IP, as it was already signed to create the sequel.

Probably the biggest news beyond Deep Silver getting Saints Row is that Relic Entertainment, developer of Company of Heroes and other strategy games, will now be a part of Sega. Reports are that Sega paid over $26 million for Relic in a bidding war with Bethesda Softworks’ parent company, Zenimax.

Ubisoft will take the South Park publishing rights and the newest THQ studio, Montreal, which is close by to some major Ubisoft operations and which already employs many former Ubisoft creative staff from Assassin’s Creed.

No bids were made for Vigil Studios, which developed Darksiders, or the THQ publishing operation. Those will remain part of the Chapter 11 proceedings, and may be sold at a later date.

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